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30 Celebrities Who Have Killed People

Celebrities Who Have Killed People

Celebrities are often idolized but who could have imagined that someday these iconic personalities would be in the limelight for killing someone? Believe it or not, several celebs have been linked to some horrifying crimes: like cold-blooded murders, hit and run, etc. We today have compiled a list of 30 celebrities who have killed people:… Read More »

30 Best Book To Movie Adaptations Of All Time

Best Book to Movie Adaptations of All Time

Novels and movies are two different entertainment mediums, and converting a lengthy novel into a feature film is a hell of an undertaking. Hollywood, however, has a tradition of retaining both the theme and the original spirit of the novels in their film adaptations. Although not every Hollywood book-movie adaptation remains faithful to the original… Read More »

25 Cutest Video Game Characters Ever

Cutest Video Game Characters Ever

Every gamer enjoys playing a good game, but a cute video game character is what every gamer rejoices about for a long time even after they are finished playing a game. Keeping up with video games nowadays is a full-time job especially due to the sheer number of games being released each month on various… Read More »

25 Unforgettable Social Media Blunders By Celebrities

Unforgettable Social Media Blunders by Celebrities

Technological advancements have swept the world, and online interaction is the norm of the day. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and more, has given us unrestricted access to one another (friends, family, fans, celebs, etc). This media also gives celebrities a platform to communicate with their fans and share their lives with… Read More »

37 Oldest Inhabited Cities In The World

Oldest Inhabited Cities in the World

The recorded human history dates back to 9000 BC. Archaeological remains of the oldest cities in the world depict the creativity, sophistication, and power of various civilizations over history – through its magnificent historical sites, creative arts, and elegant buildings. Here today we take a look at the 37 oldest inhabited cities in the world:… Read More »

30 Most Weird Ocean Creatures Ever

Most Weird Ocean Creatures Ever

Animals that live beneath deep waters are some really weird creatures (with most of them being terrifying) thanks to some still unknown evolutionary reasons. With such a sheer number of weird creatures and monsters roaming the oceans, we today have compiled a list of the most weird ocean creatures ever that could help us in… Read More »