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15 Best Movies To Start Your New Year

15 Best Movies to Start Your New Year

New years come with a lot of celebrations, resolutions, and bucket lists. Here are our top picks for the best movies to start your new year:   15. Highball (1997) This is a great film to watch over the start of a new year mainly because of the fact that the film was officially considered… Read More »

15 Worst Movies Of 2021

15 Worst Movies of 2021

We all love movies. They make us laugh, cry, and get excited for more. They take us to worlds beyond our imagination with a mixed portrayal of reality and fiction. But some are a total waste of time. So go through this ten-minute read to avoid a 2-hour long bad experience. Here are the 15… Read More »

15 Best Psychological Thriller Movies Of All Time

Best Psychological Thriller Movies of All Time

The psychological thriller genre combines the psychological fiction and thriller genres. It has you at the edge of your seat and gives you a whole new perspective on life to take away. A perfect weekend watch for those looking to relax or break their monotonous routine. Here are some of the best psychological thriller movies… Read More »