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15 Best Assassin Movies Of All Time

Best Assassin Movies of All Time

If you like violence in films with ruthless hitmen, mysterious ex-secret service agents, and a lot of intense action, here are some of the best assassin movies of all time that you can watch:   15. Hitman: Agent 47 (2015) A great watch for the fans of the gaming franchise. This movie is based on… Read More »

15 Best Prison Movies Of All Time

Best Prison Movies of all Time

Going to prison is not something anyone enjoys but prison flicks are one of our favorite types of films. So, we have compiled a list of what we think are the best prison movies of all time.   15. The Informer (2019) The Informer follows the story of Pete Koslow an ex-con and special ops… Read More »

15 Best Movies About Government Conspiracy

Best Movies About Government Conspiracy

 Governments are what run a state. But sometimes such a powerful position comes with dilemmas and abuse of power. This list looks into the best movies about government conspiracy:   15. The Sentinel (2006) Secret Service agent Pete Garrison becomes a suspect in the murder case he is investigating. A blackmailer knows the secret he… Read More »

15 Best Post-Apocalyptic Movies Of All Time

15 Best Post-Apocalyptic Movies of All Time

Even though we’re all afraid to die in an apocalypse, we love watching post-apocalyptic movies. Here are some of the best post-apocalyptic movies of all time.   15. Contagion (2011) You’ll relate hard to this one. It’s about a pandemic and the paranoia surrounding it. When Beth returns from a trip to Hong Kong, she… Read More »

15 Best Cold War Movies Of All Time

15 Best Cold War Movies of All Time

USSR was famous for its cold weather. It was also famous for the cold war it had with the USA from 1946 to 1991. One good thing that came out of this war was some of the best films in cinema history. Let’s have a look at the best cold war movies of all time:… Read More »

15 Best Movies To Start Your New Year

15 Best Movies to Start Your New Year

New years come with a lot of celebrations, resolutions, and bucket lists. Here are our top picks for the best movies to start your new year:   15. Highball (1997) This is a great film to watch over the start of a new year mainly because of the fact that the film was officially considered… Read More »