Outfits And Party Costumes Inspired By Movies Starring Tom Cruise

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 9th, 2019

Party Costumes Inspired By Movies Starring Tom Cruise

Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol has hit our cinema screens in the latest from the Tom Cruise mega series. Still one of the worlds greatest movie stars, nominated for 3 oscars and winner of a few Golden Globes, Tom Cruise has starred in many hit movies which can inspire great costumes for your TV & Film themed fancy dress parties.

Here we take a look back at some of Mr Cruise’s movies and roles which lend themselves to a great outfit:


Risky Business (1983)

tom cruise in Risky Business

Risky Business is probably the first film we remember Tom from and it gives us a great costume that is favored by many students due to its simplicity yet style. With just a pair of black plastic shades, a white shirt and socks your outfit is good to go.


Legend (1985)

tom cruise in Legend

Legend fantasy saw Tom all dressed up all shiny in a gold chain mail top with brown leather boots complete with studded forearm bands. This ones a little more difficult to throw together but with the right articles and a shield you can be the hero.


Top Gun (1986)

tom cruise in Top Gun

Sees him uniformed up as an expert Fighter Pilot winning the heart of Kelly Mcgillis to the Oscar winning tune “Take My Breath Away”. You can do the same with an embroidered boiler suit or order a Top Gun jumpsuit from online retailers.

Get your friends to get the same outfit and take some very memorable photo’s for facebook.


Far and Away (1992)

tom cruise in Far and Away

Saw Tom team up with Nicole Kidman in this Irish-American tale. Set way back in 1893 it offers some great costume ideas with the rough farm hand wear to elegant corsetted full dresses.


A Few Good Men (1992)

tom cruise in A Few Good Men

This film has lots of naval and sailor outfits for you to pick from with some Marine camoflauge outfits to boot. Choose between the crisp white dress uniform or the black uniform he wears in court and don’t forget to say “I want the truth” all night.


Interview with the Vampire (1994)

Interview with the Vampire (1994) tom cruise

Interview with the Vampire starring Brad Pitt and Christian Slater opens up the world of vampire outfits and some great history pieces from the late 18th century.

Don’t forget the fangs or blood that needs splattering over your shirt. A great way to beef up your vampire costume is to wear some coloured contact lenses to give your eyes that special sparkle.


Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

tom cruise in eyes wide shut

Brings Tom and Nicole back together for a steamy movie from Stanely Kubrick. Their roles as a New York City doctor and art curator get much more fun when they go to the masquerade ball.

With some wonderful venetian masks and dark cloaks and robes you can find an outfit that will both make you invisible but memorable at the same time.


The Last Samurai (2003)

tom cruise in The Last Samurai

Sees Tom play an American military advisor that gets captured which leads him to embrace the Samurai way. This film has some fantastic japanese choices along with samurai swords and outifts. You will probably have to buy a costume to pull this one off well.

Although a brown robe with a samurai sword would just about get you through the fancy dress door although expect at least a few people to guess you are a Jedi from star-wars.


With so many great films and great roles you can be sure to have chance at winning best dressed award at your costume party, even if you only through on a white shirt and dark sunglasses. Remember to take lots of photographs to laugh over in years to come.