15 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2023

POSTED BY Ali Raza, UPDATED ON January 12th, 2023


7. Shazam! Fury of the Gods

Shazam’s sequel was always going to be an anticipated affair. Besides that, the DC universe is currently standing in an awkward position, with Henry Cavil announcing his comeback and leaving immediately. So, Shazam! Fury of the Gods might be a film that’ll provide some clarity.

Besides that, Zachary Levi’s portrayal of the titular character has become a fan favorite. And that was always going to bring the fans back to see this sequel. This makes it one of the most-awaited superhero movies of 2023.


6. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

Taking after the famed game of the same name, Dungeons & Dragons will bring the long-awaited adaption to life. While it remains to be seen how the director tackles the vast world, it’s confirmed that it’ll be taking place in the Forgotten Realms.

So, if you’re a fan of the game, then you’re definitely looking forward to this. Regardless of that, it’ll be an exciting entry among the adapted movies that’ll be released in 2023.


5. Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantamania

Marvel has fallen off the rails lately. With their TV shows and movies generating sub-par reviews. So, whatever you say, the superhero fatigue is real. However, that’s somehow expected to change a bit when Ant-Man’s 3rd film arrives.

This series is known to deliver some slapstick comedy alongside the serious progression of stories (remember quantum realm?) Besides that, one of the most exciting aspects of this film is Jonathan Major’s Kang the Conqueror.


4. Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3

Another Marvel movie that might change how people have come to percept them lately. Much like Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy is also a comedy-based marvel adaptation that usually plays a vital role in the over-arching story.

So, how’s it going to play into the whole new multiversal shtick of Marvel? Besides that, what new challenges await the beloved Guardians? All remains to be seen, as we have to wait until May for this movie’s release.


3. Oppenheimer

Christopher Nolan has always loved the work of Cillian Murphy (Peaky Blinders, Inception, Batman Begins). So much so that Nolan has Murphy star in 5 out of his 16 directing credits. But, in the next film, Murphy is playing the lead role of J. Robert Oppenheimer.

While this isn’t Nolan’s first rodeo in the biography genre, a lot of expectations are hanging on this film. So, because of the star power of these two gentlemen, the film is surely one of the top-anticipated movies next year.

If that’s not enough, then the star cast might interest you, which includes Cillian Murphy, Gary Oldman, Robert Downey Jr., Matt Damon, Rami Malek, Emily Bulent, Kenneth Branagh, Dane DeHaan, Josh Hartnett, Ben Affleck, and a handful of other stars.


2. John Wick: Chapter 4

Delayed by 3 years, John Wick is finally ready to grace the big screen once more. The film was initially going to release in 2021, but then Covid-19 pushed its release a year. Then, further complications made the producers and directors believe 2023 to be the right window for it.

Now, the production has wrapped and we finally have a date on 23rd March 2023 with the ass-kicking former assassin. The trailer has already generated 37 million views, so needless to say people are very eager for it.


1. Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One

There isn’t any movie in 2023 that would come close to the anticipation of the Mission Impossible series. This film has also seen its fair share of delays, but we’re finally going to see Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) on the big screen in July 2023.

The story of this movie is going to be so vast that the producers, directors, and Tom Cruise thought it was best to divide it into two parts. So, the return of this franchise after 5 years is going to be an action-filled affair.


Honorable Mentions

  • Barbie
  • Evil Dead Rise
  • The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes

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