Enhance Your Gaming Experience With Custom PS3 Controllers

PS3 controllers are among the best gaming equipment in the market. With their stealthy design and excellent precision, they are coveted by many Play Station lovers. But it does not stop there. What if you customized your controller with a design you always admired? What about changing the color of the buttons? Actually, creating your… Read More »

Top 12 Upcoming PC Games Of 2013

Top 12 Upcoming PC Games of 2013

The start of a new year is always like a Refresh Button, an opportunity for you to start something new and redefine yourself by leaving bad old habits. Having a new calendar always encourages you to make your schedules for the whole year, but with around a dozen releases of some super awesome upcoming PC games, you… Read More »

The Kickstarter Revolution In Gaming

In February 2012, Tim Schafer launched Double Fine Adventure through Kickstarter, a project he claimed would bring back the quirky humor, colorful characters, and puzzle-based gameplay of old-school adventure games. He claimed he needed $400,000 dollars; he received donations amounting to over $3 million. Schafer assured his backers that their money would be put to… Read More »

Video Gaming Could Help To Combat Mental Health Issues

Video Gaming Could Help to Combat Mental Health Issues

For the last few decades, video games have been repeatedly blamed for all kinds of social problems, including violent crime, obesity, dangerous driving, poor educational performance, and even terrorism. Certainly, according to many mainstream media outlets, video games remain the cause of many of society’s ills. However, this demonization of the gaming industry actually flies… Read More »

The Evolution Of Handheld Gaming Consoles

The Evolution of Handheld Gaming Consoles

As you look down at your iPod Touch and bask in the simplicity of the many games and apps at your instant disposal, it’s easy to forget that there was a time when children (and adults) could be entertained on rainy days successfully with little more than water and a few bits of plastic. It’s difficult… Read More »