15 Best Movies about Doomsday

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 15 Best Movies About Doomsday

The apocalypse theme has always been attractive for moviemakers. Indeed, it’s interesting to speculate about how the world will end and how humanity will deal with it. Don’t you think?

This topic has become even more popular among moviemakers nowadays. The question “How will this all end” has led to so many speculations and theories, starting from natural disasters and ending with zombie apocalypse and aliens mercilessly killing human beings.

So, whether you’re a fan of alien invasions, zombie virus outbreaks, and/or natural disasters, here are 15 best movies about doomsday for every taste.


15. Armageddon (1998)

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This is a classic end of the world movie, which you’ve probably heard of. It’s got everything that appeals to movie fans: courage, team work, loyalty, love, a giant asteroid blasting towards earth, great special effects, so it’s definitely a must watch.

Besides, the movie is directed by Michael Bay, the creator of “Transformers” and “Pearl Harbor”. So, be ready for an action packed space bound thriller.


14. The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

Directed by Roland Emmerich, this movie reminds us about the harmful effects of global warming. The upcoming Ice Age catches the humanity off balance, and people learn how to survive in a new severe environment.

The plot line in this movie has a lot of meanings. Although the humanity has been warned about the effects of global warming a dozen times, we stay ignorant. But the most important message of this movie is that staying together and helping each other will definitely save the humanity.


13. Deep Impact (1998)

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What if death comes from the space, and it isn’t aliens? This movie is about the threat of a comet colliding with Earth. And while people are waiting for a team that has been sent to deal with this menace, they wonder about their future and fear that they won’t have enough time to spend with their loved ones.

The uncertainty of the future deeply impacts humans and has them experience deepest fears. Isn’t that a great message?


12. 2012 (2009)

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This is another masterpiece directed by Roland Emmerich. Remember all that hype about Mayan calendar ending in 2012?

This in fact has become a bedrock for this movie, also uniting all scientific proof that the doomsday is near. But are people ready for this day to come? Watch the movie to find out and witness the most epic destruction in cinematic history!


11. The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)

The Day the Earth Stood Still 2008

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Are you a fan of aliens? Do you think that aliens will invade the Earth and that’s how this will all end? Then this one is for you!

Starring Keanu Reeves, this movie is about the alien spacecraft arriving in New York City claiming that they will save the Earth. But can human trust them? Find out the answer by watching this great disaster movie!


10. Independence Day (1996)

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This is one is the most well-known movie in the list of films about doomsday. “Independence Day” and its recently released (rather poor) sequel are about alien invasion and humans defending their planet.

This movie shows how we should protect our world no matter what and is a great lesson how we always should stay patriots of our home planet.


9. World Trade Center (2006)

World Trade Center 2006

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This movie is about the tragedy of 9/11 that the world will never forget. It doesn’t show the whole world collapsing or aliens killing off innocent humans but it reminds us about the threats the humanity faces every day, such as terrorism that will eventually lead us to our doomsday.


8. 28 Days Later (2002)

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What if a highly contagious virus killed the whole humanity? The scientists are taking this idea very seriously. For example, accidental release of a virus becomes a threat to the world, quickly killing all humans.

And only four survivors are left to watch how the world they once knew is rapidly swept away.