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15 Best Kurt Russell Movies Of All Time

15 Best Kurt Russell Movies of All Time

Kurt Russell is a great actor. He may be slightly away from the mainstream now and regrettably unknown for an entire generation, but Generation X still truly appreciates him. His films have a classic vibe. He wasn’t ever chosen for a film, but he chose them. Kurt Russell is the actor who works in the… Read More »

15 Best Mathematician Movies Of All Time

Best Mathematician Movies of All Time

Mathematics as a subject is insanely underrated yet important enough to be used to run the world. In the world of cinema, filmmakers have tried their best to make their audience rethink and reimagine mathematics. And to some extent, they have been successful at that. They have successfully visualized math and the life of mathematicians… Read More »

15 Best Animated Movies For Adults

Best Animated Movies for Adults

Animation is ancient. Before traditional motion pictures existed, there was animation. Animation is for everyone. People of all ages love to watch animated films, short films and shows. Presently, animated films and shows are perceived as films & shows for kids. This presumption is so powerful that animators, animation producers, and directors are accustomed to… Read More »

15 Best Movies For Animal Lovers

15 Best Movies for Animal Lovers

Movies are incomplete without animals. Some filmmakers have portrayed animals so well that it was obvious for the audience to spot an animal lover in the film. For centuries, cinema has been featuring animals or making movies about them. It is quite clear that cinema is full of animal lovers who have made efforts to… Read More »

15 Best Movies Set In Mental Hospitals

best movies set in mental hospitals

Mental hospitals have always been fascinating to us. That’s because of the crazy things that happen there. It seems like cinema is also curious about mental institutions; over the centuries cinema has been featuring them quite often. It’s unclear, why most filmmakers link supernatural entities to mental asylums. It becomes way scarier when inmates and… Read More »

15 Most Scientifically Accurate Movies Of All Time

Most Scientifically Accurate Movies of All Time

There are times when most film directors are going for genres like superhero, drama, horror, etc. While some directors are bold enough to make movies for a smaller audience. They make movies for the sake of science and don’t care about whether the film flops or does well. Today we’ll be seeing scientifically accurate movies;… Read More »