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Top 10 Celebrity Holiday Destinations

Top 10 Celebrity Holiday Destinations

Jetting off to some exotic holiday destination for a much-needed break is enviable in and of itself, but what could jazz up your holiday anecdotes better than spotting a famous person or two? After all, even celebrities need a respite from the hassles of daily life. So if you’re lucky enough to visit one of… Read More »

6 Strangest Celebrity Ads Of All Time

Strangest Celebrity Ads of All Time

Pop stars, actors, comedians, droids – they’re all grist to the celebrity advertisement mill. It implies a certain connection and association. Look, they eat and drink the same things. See, they’re just like us really. Unless they’re droids. In which case, they’re not. It’s not just endorsing a product after they were famous, either; quite… Read More »

5 Celebrity Couples Who Stay Out Of The Spotlight

Celebrity Couples Who Stay Out of The Spotlight

In this day and age of easy-access fame, sometimes it can seem like any vaguely ‘celebrity’ couple can wrangle themselves a share of the spotlight through numerous publicized appearances and even a few well-placed scandals. But just because an actor’s work puts them in the private eye doesn’t necessarily mean they want to establish a… Read More »

5 Most Famous Celebrity Pets Of All Time

Top 5 Famous Celebrity Pets of all Time

There is a well-documented correlation between the rich and famous and their exotic taste in pets. The world has seen several impressive tales of unconventional animal friends and their high-profile owners. Here are 5 of the most famous celebrity pets of all time:   5. Audrey Hepburn’s Pippin In possibly one of the most adorable pet… Read More »