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Top 10 Celebrity Holiday Destinations

Top 10 Celebrity Holiday Destinations

Jetting off to some exotic holiday destination for a much-needed break is enviable in and of itself, but what could jazz up your holiday anecdotes better than spotting a famous person or two? After all, even celebrities need a respite from the hassles of daily life. So if you’re lucky enough to visit one of… Read More »

4 Ways To Party Like The Rich And Famous

Ways To Party Like The Rich and Famous

When we mere mortals throw a party we invite our friends, put some food on little cocktail sticks and make a playlist. We then look on in envy at the parties of the rich and famous and fantasize about the kind of bash we would throw if we had millions to spend. But even though we’ll… Read More »

6 Strangest Celebrity Ads Of All Time

Strangest Celebrity Ads of All Time

Pop stars, actors, comedians, droids – they’re all grist to the celebrity advertisement mill. It implies a certain connection and association. Look, they eat and drink the same things. See, they’re just like us really. Unless they’re droids. In which case, they’re not. It’s not just endorsing a product after they were famous, either; quite… Read More »

5 Celebrity Couples Who Stay Out Of The Spotlight

Celebrity Couples Who Stay Out of The Spotlight

In this day and age of easy-access fame, sometimes it can seem like any vaguely ‘celebrity’ couple can wrangle themselves a share of the spotlight through numerous publicized appearances and even a few well-placed scandals. But just because an actor’s work puts them in the private eye doesn’t necessarily mean they want to establish a… Read More »

5 Most Famous Celebrity Pets Of All Time

Top 5 Famous Celebrity Pets of all Time

There is a well-documented correlation between the rich and famous and their exotic taste in pets. The world has seen several impressive tales of unconventional animal friends and their high-profile owners. Here are 5 of the most famous celebrity pets of all time:   5. Audrey Hepburn’s Pippin In possibly one of the most adorable pet… Read More »

Most Outlandish Celebrity Gardens

We all have little moments where we daydream about what it would be like to be a rich celebrity, rolling around in a Bentley, being photographed all day long, and then relaxing in a house that one could only describe as slightly smaller than an international airport. For most, this will remain a dream. But… Read More »