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15 Best Stoner Movies Of All Time

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We often hear “Don’t Do Drugs” from people that care about us. There’s no doubt that over the last few years, the medical uses of Cannabis have increased significantly. Still, many people prefer to use it for harmful purposes. Keeping aside the discussion of the beneficial and harmful effects of Cannabis, it can’t be denied… Read More »

15 Best Eddie Murphy Movies Of All Time

15 Best Eddie Murphy Movies of All Time

There’s absolutely no doubt in our minds when we say that Eddie Murphy was one of the icons of the comedy genre in the 1980s. His stint in Saturday Night Live, as well as movies that made us laugh like 3-year-olds, are simply unforgettable. At his peak, he was considered one of the highest-paid actors… Read More »

15 Best Bruce Willis Movies Of All Time

15 Best Bruce Willis Movies of All Time

Willis has undoubtedly had a highly decorated Hollywood career. He has a Golden Globe Award to his name and his filmography includes over 70 films, out of which many are action flicks. However, Willis’ reputation as an “action star” hasn’t stopped him from testing out other genres such as science fiction and comedy among others…. Read More »

15 Best Jump Scare Scenes Of All Time

Best Jump Scare Scenes of All Time

What elements make a good horror movie? An engaging story, with a dark setting, compelling characters, and most importantly, a few (or many) well-executed jump scare scenes. Jump scares can be considered the most effective approach to remind the audience that they are watching a horror flick, and get their attention. However, executing a jump… Read More »

15 Popular Avengers: Endgame Plot Holes Explained

Avengers Endgame Plot Holes Explained

Avengers: Endgame’s mind-boggling and record-shattering $1.2 billion opening weekend, left everybody in awe. However, in the aftermath, there have been rumblings from some journalists and fans claiming that there are major plot holes in the film. We, on the other hand, think that these so-called plot holes are nothing but a lack of attention. We… Read More »