15 Best Wolverine Movie Moments Of All Time

POSTED BY Tayyab Khalil, UPDATED ON February 29th, 2024
Best Wolverine Movie Moments of All Time

So far, there have been multiple actors who portrayed Super-Man, James Bond, and Batman but the same cannot be said about Marvel’s Wolverine. With Hugh Jackman being synonymous with the acclaimed X-Men role since 2000, it is a sad spectacle to see him lacing up the boots for the final time in the recently released Logan. Following his retirement as the clawed mutant, let’s take a look at the 15 best Wolverine movie moments of all time:


15. Cage Fight (X-Men)

Best Wolverine Movie Moment Cage Fight X-Men

Then a rookie, there was legitimate doubt whether or not Hugh Jackman could pull off the physically demanding role of the famed X-Men, Wolverine. In the very first installment of the franchise, the audience gets the chance to see the mutant in the most suitable situation to showcase his animalistic nature, a cage fight.

Surrounded by a beer-drinking audience who is thirsty for a fight, Wolverine easily defeats his opponents and it is here for the first time we get to see his claws coming out from his hand. At this precise moment, a star was born.


14. Wolverine’s Comic Book Costume (The Wolverine)

Wolverines Comic Book Costume

Die-hard comic book fans are saddened to realize that Hugh Jackman will never get the chance to wear his iconic yellow armor. However, they were in for a surprise because of one of the deleted scenes of The Wolverine.

When Wolverine is about to depart Japan, he is given a briefcase by his self-appointed bodyguard, Yukio. As he opens it, his iconic costume from the comic books is shown.


13. The Escape (X-Men: Apocalypse)

The Escape From X Men Apocalypse

When Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Nightcrawler embark on a rescue mission to save Beast, Mystique, Quicksilver, and Moira MacTaggert from Colonel William Stryker, they meet Wolverine as Weapon X. Broken free and proceed to unleash a venomous rage on whoever comes across his path, Wolverine gave a sneak preview of his bloody rampage in then-upcoming rated R Logan.

Though his appearance was not confirmed until the final trailer of X-Men: Apocalypse, fans had their fingers crossed as far as the character was concerned and got more than they bargained for as Wolverine’s extended cameo was simply amazing.


12. Opening Sequence (X-Men Origins: Wolverine)

Opening Sequence in Movie X-Men Origins Wolverine

As the weakest X-Men installment, the movie did manage to have a few worthwhile moments and the opening montage showcasing Wolverine and his brother Sabretooth stands out as the best of them.

Wolverine has often been a subject of mystery due to his unknown past but the movie answered by showing glimpses of him fighting in the American Civil War, World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War.


11. What Do They Call You? Wheels? (X-Men)

What Do They Call You Wheels From Movie X Men

Wolverine’s first interaction with Professor X and his team of X-Men is anything but friendly. After being introduced to Scott Summers and Ororo Munroe as their codenames Cyclops and Storm, respectively, Wolverine cannot help himself but laugh.

In a moment that was insulting yet undeniably funny, Wolverine proceeds to address the wheelchair-bound Professor X:

“What do they call you? Wheels?”

Proving how the mutant can provide comic relief apart from some hard-hitting action sequences, it is surprising to know that Hugh Jackman improvised the line.


10. Comforting Rogue (X-Men)

Best Wolverine Movie Moment Comforting Rogue

Underneath the rough exterior, Wolverine actually has a heart of gold as evident from the scene in which he engages in a heart-to-heart talk with fellow X-Men, Rogue. The mutant knows what it feels like to be lost and alone so he offers her friendly advice after she runs away from Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

Despite all the pain and turmoil, he has experienced throughout the years, Wolverine has not lost his fatherly stature to the younger generation and proves that he is more than mere claws.


9. Wolverine vs. Lady Deathstrike (X2: X-Men United)

Best Wolverine Film Moment Wolverine vs Lady Deathstrike

A brainwashed secretary of Colonel William Stryker, Yuriko Oyama aka Lady Deathstrike seems a far cry from being sinister yet in reality, she is much similar to Wolverine himself. With an adamantium skeleton and long retractable fingernails, she gives the beloved mutant a tough time while engaged in a battle.

Despite being a PG-13 movie, Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike bring the house down due to being evenly matched and pulling off a fight that keeps the audience glued to their screens.


8. Weapon X (X-Men Origins: Wolverine)

Weapon X

After reluctantly agreeing to be a part of Major William Stryker’s Weapon X program, Wolverine gets his trademark adamantium skeleton and becomes more powerful. The audience gets the chance to see the new and improved Wolverine firsthand when Stryker attempts to erase his memory.

With hardly any difficulty due to his adamantium-reinforced claws, Wolverine manages to break through the operational facility while making his mark on the very person who gave him a new skeleton.


7. Wolverine vs. X-24 (Logan)

Wolverine vs X 24

Fans were in for a double treat when Hugh Jackman played the dual role of Wolverine and his younger clone X-24. Now aged and not as animalistic as he used to be, Wolverine has become vulnerable to loss.

When X-24 comes in, all hell breaks loose as the clone stabs through Professor X’s chest and sets Wolverine as his next target. They fight twice in the recently released Logan and in both fights (spoilers ahead), X-24 reigns supreme.


6. Killing Jean Grey (X-Men: The Last Stand)

Killing Jean Grey in X-Men The Last Stand

In the climax of X-Men: The Last Stand, Wolverine finds himself in a difficult situation – killing the one he loves in order to save countless lives. Once a partner in crime, Jean Grey has fallen to the dark side as an ally of Magneto and things get nothing but worse.

After a long battle between the X-Men and the Brotherhood of the Mutants, a visible emotional Wolverine reluctantly pierces his claws through Grey’s abdomen before telling her that he loves her.


5. Fighting Alongside X-23 (Logan)

old man logan fighting alongside X23

Hardly shown as a family man and more of a brute, Logan showed Wolverine spending time with his daughter. From shopping to dinners, the two developed a close connection, and eventually, Wolverine and Laura aka X-23 fought as a team as well.

Wolverine has never been shy from being shown as a fatherly figure yet an encounter with his own offspring has always been missing from the X-Men movies and introducing Laura for the character’s father-daughter bonding was something the fans were definitely looking forward to.


4. Go F**k Yourself (X-Men: First Class)

Go Fuck Yourself in X-Men First Class

Despite the cameo appearance lasting a few seconds, Wolverine steals the spotlight in the bar scene when Charles Xavier and Eric Lehnsherr approach him to offer membership in their mutant club.

In a response that no one saw coming, Wolverine simply proceeds to casually say, “Go f**k yourself” without even looking at them. Apart from providing a few laughs in theaters worldwide, the scene landed Jackman the Best Cameo Award at the 2011 Scream Awards.


3. Surviving a Nuclear Bomb (The Wolverine)

Surviving a Nuclear Bomb

Undoubtedly the best scene that excellently exhibits Wolverine’s healing factor, is when the mutant is held captive in a Japanese military camp when a nuclear bomb is dropped on Nagasaki.

The fiery blaze set due to the bomb is one of the most unique scenes in the franchise and once again proves to be a defining moment for Wolverine as he survives the destructive flames despite being burned to a crisp.


2. Wolverine vs. Mystique (X-Men)

Best Wolverine Movie Moment Wolverine vs Mistique

Upon entering the Statue of Liberty with fellow X-Men Cyclops and Storm in order to put an end to Magneto’s nefarious plot, they find themselves ambushed by none other than, Wolverine.

At least that is what the X-Men thought as it was soon discovered that he is actually Mystique who shape-shifted as the beloved mutant. She and the real wolverine engage in an arduous battle. The fight seems to be in Mistique’s favor initially but Wolverine ultimately emerges as the victor after using his sense of smell to kill her who shape-shifted into Storm.


1. Protecting X-Mansion (X-Men)

wolverine fight scenes

When Colonel William Stryker’s special forces raid the X-Mansion, it is up to the newly recruited X-Men Wolverine to save the day. With Professor X and Cyclops gone to see Magneto and Jean Grey and Storm looking for Nightcrawler, it was the perfect moment for Stryker’s team to strike yet they underestimated the rage exhibited by Wolverine as the mutant goes nuts with his claws out against everyone who steps in front of him.

Not a stranger to trading blows whenever necessary, Wolverine spares no time to exhibit any mercy and unleashes multiple acts of savagery to save the students from oppression. The scene may be from the very first movie that started the journey of Wolverine from a newbie superhero to one of the most legendary comic book movie characters, but it still stands out as the very best moment of the feared mutant.

Hope you enjoyed reading our list of the best Wolverine movie moments of all time. You can share your views in the comments below!

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