Top 9 Online Classified Ads Sites

POSTED BY Rafay Farooq, UPDATED ON October 16th, 2019

Online Classified Ads Sites

With the advent of internet, there has been a huge turn around in business promotion techniques. While mainstream marketing techniques have changed a lot, a huge change has been seen in the classified ads department. People used to pay the local newspapers to get their ads displayed in their classified sections. But now people prefer the internet to put up their classified ads on a website free of cost. We have made a list of top 9 online classified ads sites that rule the web:





Craigslist is a heavily trafficked, free classified ads site. It has a high exposure providing local classifieds for jobs, cars, rental services, real state, tutoring services, etc. Craigslist is ranked first mainly due to its heavy traffic and its user-friendly interface. 





VendAnything is a free classified site with a number of cool features including free auctions, free classified ads, and the ability to edit all of your ads in one go.



Wiju is a classified ads search engine that allows you to search in hundreds of websites, the ads you are looking for. The search is free of cost, fast in speed and trustworthy. The website offers many searches in a number of areas like houses, cars, vehicles, jobs, products, and services.



Tickifieds (or formally FreeTicketClassifieds) is an event ticket classified site that resolves the problem of spam faced by Craigslist. The amount of spam on Craigslist is much higher than Tickifieds, because of high traffic. Tickifieds controls the spam problem quite successfully.



EbayClassifieds was formally known as Kijiji but it was bought by eBay Company to introduce new a brandified classified ads site under their name. It is a free and user-friendly classified website that allows you to search classified ads for different categories like Sale, Pets, Jobs, Apartments, and Housing, etc.



LoqqAd is a free ads site for ads belonging to a wide range of categories. It has many unique features like “like on Facebook” button which allows you to increase the reach of your ad. The categories LoqqAd deals in include houses, community, dating, jobs, pets, services, and vehicles.



WorldStuffer is another online classified website, with an interactive and instinctive interface. WorldStuffer allows you to review posts and ads in comments. This feature is commonly demanded by a number of other classified ads users.



ClassifiedsForFree is an online site for ads that allows you to display ads in a number of categories from personal ads to business promotion ads, from pets selling to real state ads, Automobile, Renting, Loans, Traveling and many more. The website allows you to display your ads in video form too, allowing you to be more creative and attracting more attention to your product or business.



DomesticSale is an online classified ads website which domains in over a hundred countries, allowing you to see the ads of your own country, easily. The site displays ads in a number of categories like jobs, real estate, renting, automobiles, garage sales, etc. The interface of the site is user-friendly and it is easy for the user to find his way around the website.


Honorable Mentions

This list of free classified ads sites cannot be completed without mentioning these free ads sites:




Which online classified ads sites do you prefer for posting your classified ads? Let us know in the comments section below!

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