Social Media Tips From The Experts

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON April 4th, 2023
Social Media Tips from the Experts

Social media marketing is an exceptional tool for helping companies to build brands and to connect with customers. These tools also increase customer loyalty and encourage customer engagement, when these components work together, brand awareness is created and new business is driven. Numerous executives from major enterprises such as Virgin, Ford, and IBM have shared their expertise in social media marketing. Below are some of the most compelling arguments for social media and some secret social media tips from the experts:


1. Sandy Carter, IBM

According to Sandy, true social business transformation is possible with social media marketing. Companies with a social business agenda remain competitive in the industry and have a measurable return on investment (ROI). Social media marketing can be embedded into every business process to make business communications more efficient. Common business processes include marketing, customer service, public relations, human resources, and operations.

Social media strategists are essential to propelling social media marketing efforts forward in the organization. Companies with an understanding of social media can monitor online reputations and tailor their images accordingly.


2. Drew Patterson, Jetsetter

Drew recommends social media marketing to build customer relationships. CEOs should use the tool to remain informed of consumers’ wants and needs; he says that this will help clients to build a better product or service. Consumer focus is the foundation for his success in social media marketing.


3. Richard Anson, Reevoo

Richard believes that retailers should allow customers to share and discuss products and services offered by companies through social media. Discussion and collaboration bring about change. Social media provides a forum where people can communicate and be excited about new products and services.

Companies that embrace both the good and bad comments can make changes for the better and ultimately sell more products. Anson believes that even bad sales can generate more sales if the resolution is favorable for the customer.


4. Craig Leavitt, Kate Spade

The CEO of Kate Spade, Craig Leavitt, believes that companies must take risks to create a leading brand. To become a leading brand, companies must participate in social media to remain a leader in the marketplace. Leaders often capture an audience that has been neglected by competitors.

Social media ensures people remain connected and the product gains exposure. Companies have a huge sales opportunity with individuals who use social media because they often access them daily. Customers who are leaders in the social media marketing campaign can drive sales in their social media communities.


5. Geoff Cottrill, Converse

Cotrill compares social media marketing to entertaining at a dinner party. Guests at a dinner party must be prepared to talk about several different topics. Those using social media marketing must be prepared to engage the audience from a variety of different areas.

For instance, YouTube is an excellent social media marketing tool. If a YouTube recording goes viral and becomes wildly popular, then businesses have earned a tremendous amount of money without a significant investment. The return on investment is significant. Social media is also helpful for disseminating information about promotional offers and other offers.


6. Tomoya Ishikawa, Rakuten

Social media is important to Ishikawa and Rakuten because it allows them to communicate with loyal fans and followers about exclusive sales, products, or offers. This rewards customers who are supportive of your company’s brand and also generates interest.

When customers share, like, and tweet news, more product or services are sold – you are keeping old customers by rewarding their loyalty as well as attracting new ones.


7. Phil Libin, Evernote

Phil suggests that companies remain authentic and sincere when using social media marketing. Twitter is a powerful tool, but a non-authentic person or statement is evident in 140 characters.

Other CEOs should just be conversational and impart useful knowledge without being disingenuous and trying to force a personality on themselves.

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