Top 5 Web Businesses That Have Come Out of Europe

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 18th, 2019

Web Businesses That Have Come Out of Europe

Among the many competing and struggling niche-based web companies hailing from Europe here is the list of the top 5 web businesses that came out and stood out among its competitors and are now doing well on expanding their businesses abroad.

This listing of top 5 web businesses that have come out of Europe is based on an independent inquiry conducted within the intercontinental ranges of Europe.

Leading companies and web services subscribers had been asked to nominate web companies outside their domain and portfolio for transparency and were ranked based on expansion, user spectrum, coverage of service and originality in concept.

1. Spotify

A digital service provider from England – hailing from London, England – which specializes in providing music sharing and searching tools via social networking services.

Boasting its 7 million European based users; effectively uses their interface system to load up ad-supported subscriber services. This makes one of the most effective ad-marketers in the European online market.


2. Gameforge

The online gaming company from Germany – founded at Karlsruhe, Germany – has been known in the Internet community to be one of the fastest-growing publisher and developer of free access massively played multiplayer online games that range from browser games selections to client games on RPG formats.

Currently boasts 200 million online subscribers, with its games available in 50 different languages and in more than 21 server gateway. Gameforge has been hailed as one of the technological pioneers in the online field by 2009 World Economic Forum.


3. Shazam

An online music discovery engine provider from England – originating from London, England, which gives out multiple functions of searching and indexing of new songs, upcoming hit music articles from independent or underground musicians and even concert information of famous bands and artists. helps in finding on multiple niches in a single industry. It has now over 75 million subscribers and is currently expanding as many more music lovers and musicians are subscribing to it.


4. Wonga

A quick access short term cash loans provider from England – conceptualized first in London, England – this online business finance provider gives quick access to shorter-term cash loans through online verification and reception methods., eliminates the tedious process of a loan application via “warm financers” sparing you from standing in long queues at loan offices every time you apply for a short term loan. Being able to get cash loans in emergencies has never been easier. found itself a specialized niche that positions its web business on a fast economic track.


5. Vente-privee

An exclusive online sales club from France – Pioneered from La Plaine Saint-Denis, France with the domain address of, this exclusive online sales club is a pioneer when it comes to their methods of online marketing and auctioning system. Other online sales clubs all over the world are trying to imitate their system.

Dealing as much as 70,000 orders and transactions per day, the estimated amount of total sales for this site during its 2010 run is close to 710 million Euros. This makes one of the most successful web businesses for its type and class.