15 Movies That Broke Their Own Rules

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15 Movies That Broke Their Own Rules

Any civilized society requires rules to be followed. Breaking them ultimately labels you as a miscreant which is why it is surprising how often Hollywood moves do this right under our very noses. Watching a movie definitely demands the suspension of disbelief but insulting one’s intelligence is a separate case entirely. Here are 15 movies that broke their own rules:


15. Batman Begins (2005)

Batman Begins 2005

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Anyone even remotely familiar to the Caped Crusader knows that he is bent on not killing his nefarious foes during his crime-fighting adventures. As soon as Bruce Wayne is asked to kill a prisoner for the final test conducted by the League of Shadows, he refuses.

Yet merely moments later, Wayne sets their entire bases on fire that kills a few assassins and the decoy of Ra’s al Ghul. Though he did not murder anyone by his own hands, his actions of committing arson surely indicate his intentions of murder.


14. Ghostbusters (1984)

Ghostbusters 1984

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After manufacturing the proton pack, Egon Spengler specifically overstates to his fellow Ghostbusters that if the energy streams of two or more packs collide, every molecule in the body will explode with the speed of light and life as you know it will end.

However, when the team had to slay the giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man while it was terrorizing New York, Spengler zealously suggests crossing the streams of all proton packs to form a single mega-stream to take down the monstrous Marshmallow Man. As it turns out, the Ghostbusters got to live another day safe and sound.


13. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007)

Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End 2007

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Being the captain of the Flying Dutchman definitely has its perks but it comes with a hefty price – you are only allowed to step on land for one day after every 10 years. Numerous limitations leap on the captain for that crucial as emphasized in Dead Man’s Chest.

One sequel later, Davy Jones is still the captain of the Flying Dutchman but sneakily manages to step on an isolated island by placing his feet in buckets of water in order to make any contact with the island’s surface. Didn’t Will Turner learn anything when he took over the captaincy?


12. Back To The Future II (1989)

Back To The Future II 1989

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The rules of time-traveling are quite simple – if you travel back to the past and make a few changes, the proceeding timeline can possibly alter with major variations which only the time-traveler will be only aware of whereas the rest of the people will be carrying on with their lives as if nothing happened.

For dramatic plot purposes, the rule was neglected when Biff Tannen travels back in time to make himself rich with the Sports Almanac as apart from himself, Marty McFly and Doc Brown become aware of the drastic changes in their timeline.


11. The Butterfly Effect (2004)

The Butterfly Effect 2004

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Similar to the time-traveling logic in the aforementioned Back To The Future II, only the time-traveler is conscious about the alterations in the present time if he makes radical changes by going to the past whereas everyone else would be spending their lives as if they have always been that way.

In order to convince his cellmate Carlos that he is a time-traveler, Even Treborn jumps back in time and stabs himself so he could show Carlos his scars in the future. He successfully does so but at the cost of the film turning a blind eye to the time-traveling logic which should have ensured that Evan’s scars should have been known to Carlos since the first day they met.


10. Iron Man (2008 – 2013)

Iron Man 2008

The arc reactor that is situated in the middle of Iron Man’s chest is his most iconic symbol and its purpose is the very reason behind his ability to live. The arc reactor supplies power to an electromagnet in his chest that prohibits shards of lethal metal from entering his heart that could result in his death.

Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr.) even refused to have it removed in Iron Man 2 when the circumstances suggested that he should because he was aware of the possible consequences but at the end of Iron Man 3, he gets his heart medically operated as if it was never a big deal before.


9. Harry Potter (2001 – 2011)

Harry Potter 2010

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One of the most frequently repeated dialogues in the entire Harry Potter novels and film-adaptions was how Harry Potter’s eyes resemble his mother’s. In fact, most of his companions mention it time and time again to unnecessarily remind the audience of the similarity.

It did not fool anyone! Whenever Lily Potter was shown in the movies, it was evident that her eyes were a far cry from what everyone had been lead to believe.


8. Batman v. Superman (2016 Spear)

Batman v Superman 2016 Spear

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Despite being the most anticipated movie of the entire year, Batman v. Superman was a tremendous disappointment and a lot of it can be credited to the disregard of its plot points. The alien mineral Kryptonite possesses the uncanny ability to deprive the Man of Steel of his powers if he even approaches close to it.

Kryptonite’s tendencies were systematically highlighted when Batman uses it to defeat Superman in their battle but when the latter had to kill Doomsday in the final moments of the movie, Superman had no problem holding the Kryptonite spear and no signs of his powers being weakened were shown.