15 Most Epic Television Battle Scenes Of All Time

POSTED BY Ali Raza, UPDATED ON February 5th, 2024
Most Epic Television Battle Scenes of All Time

Battle scenes in television make us entangled in a TV series more. Today, many TV shows follow the medieval or military framework. Therefore, it’s natural for them to have epic battle scenes. Today, we’re going to look at 15 of the most epic television battle scenes of all time. So, let’s get started.


15. Generation Kill: Battle of Al Muwaffiqiyah (S1.E5)

Generation Kill: Battle of Al Muwaffiqiyah

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This episode continues the focus on the tough realities of war faced by US Marines during the Iraq War. The moral dilemmas, conflicting ideologies, and harsh consequences make even the best soldiers question their mission’s actual purpose.

The intense battle sequence showcases the emotional impact it can have on the participants.


14. The Walking Dead: Final Assault on Meridian (S11.E8)

The Walking Dead: Final Assault on The Reapers Stronghold

The first installment of season 11 featured one of the biggest battles seen in the The Walking Dead universe with Maggie’s group invading Meridian – the stronghold of The Reapers – by luring a large horde of zombies using techniques learned from previous encounters with The Whisperers.

The battle that ensues unusually involves a rare high-tech weapon, hwacha. The episode is not only full of suspense and action but also tests Daryl’s loyalty to his love interest, Leah. 


13. Spartacus: The Final Battle (S3.E10)

Spartacus: The Final Battle

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Spartacus was one of the best TV shows, and it ended right when Game of Thrones was at its peak. Despite all that, it was formidably famous. Now, during its run, it had many great moments and battles.

However, the show truly went out with a bang as the final battle overcame all the success it had before. In the final battle of the Third Servile War, the show truly outdid itself and delivered one of the best battle scenes of all time.


12. Game of Thrones: Battle of Hardhome (S5.E8)

Game of Thrones: Battle of Hardhome

It cannot be a list of battles and not feature Game of Thrones. Also, you’re going to see this remarkable TV show a couple of times on this list. But, the first battle from the show that has made this list is the Battle of Hardhome.

While Watchers on the Wall was a close second for this particular position, unveiling the threat in this episode truly made it one to remember. And the fight between the White Walker and Jon Snow was worth the wait of over 5 seasons.


11. The Witcher: Geralt Against Renfri’s Men (S1.E1)

The Witcher: Geralt Against Renfri's Men

This isn’t exactly a battle, as it’s one man against many. However, in this skirmish, Geralt is heavily outnumbered. Whereas Renfri’s men are under her magic’s influence and would go to any length.

However, little do Geralt’s assailants know that it’s not him that’s the underdog; it’s themselves. What follows isn’t a battle but rather a massacre of Renfri’s men. This scene thoroughly reminds the fan of the games of that line from Geralt:

“Why do men throw their lives away attacking an armed Witcher?”


10. The Punisher: Battle of Kandahar Flashback (S1.E3)

The Punisher: Battle of Kandahar (Flashback Scene)

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The Battle in Kandahar is one of the flashback scenes in The Punisher. It truly shows what Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) is capable of. So, when things go awry for his squad, Frank single-handedly takes down the enemy forces in all directions.

The Punisher’s background is a sad state of affairs. Not only because of what follows in the aftermath of this operation but also what happens during it. Add that to the fact that Frank Castle saves a couple of people who would betray him and ruin his life—it makes it even worse.


9. Peaky Blinders: Final Battle Against Kimber (S1.E6)

Peaky Blinders: Final Battle Against Kimber

The first true large-scale battle in Peaky Blinders shows us the commandeering prowess of Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) and his warring background during the Battle of Somme.

The simple explanation of the background of this scene is that Billy Kimber is simply afraid of Tommy Shelby’s growing influence. So, when the two gangs come face-to-face in Garrison Lane, Tommy shows why he’s the better commander. 

Mainly because it’s only Tommy who takes a bullet to the shoulder, and the opposing gangster loses their leader—nobody else dies.


8. House of the Dragon: Battle of the Stepstones (S1.E3)

House of the Dragon: Battle of the Stepstones

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The third episode of the first season of House of the Dragon started slowly. However, the narrative shifts to the stepstones in the final few minutes of the show. Where King Viserys’ bother Daemon Targaryen is leading the king’s men in alliance with the sea snake Corlys Velaryon.

Throughout the episode, it’s established that Daemon and his allies aren’t able to free the stepstones despite having dragons.

However, in the final few minutes, Daemon steps into the hornet’s nest, appearing to surrender. What follows is an all-out assault on the triarchy by men on the ground and dragons in the sky. This battle also establishes Daemon, the rogue prince, as one of the best characters in the show.  


7. The Pacific: The Battle of Peleliu (S1.E6)

The Pacific: The Battle of Peleliu

The Pacific was HBO’s follow-up to Band of Brothers. Being one of the most expensive TV shows made at the time, the episode where The Battle of Peleliu takes place exceeded all expectations. The operation, also codenamed Stalemate II by the US, began in the Marian and Palau Islands campaign.

The episode thoroughly captures the gains and losses of the battle, which was fought during the campaign that lasted over 72 days, from 15th September to 27th November 1944.


6. The Defenders: The Defenders vs. The Hand (S1.E8)

The Defenders: The Defenders vs. The Hand

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The Defenders and Netflix’s Marvel TV shows were in a league of their own. It’s testified by the fact that the four main heroes came together to fight a common threat, The Hand. But, all of the characters hold on their own as they go against their mysterious adversary in the final episode.

The battle is fought throughout the main building and hundreds of feet underground. While The Hand was largely a Daredevil villain, it culminates in the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen needing all the help.


5. Black Sails: Assault on Fort Nassau (S4.E1)

Black Sails: Assault on Fort Nassau

Image Source: IMDb

Black Sails is an intriguing show, but it has flown under the radar because of other major releases like Game of Thrones. However, the show is filled with outstanding action scenes and battles, particularly the one where James Flint leads his men to oust Charles Vane from Fort Nassau.

It began when Charles Vane took the Fort—much to the dismay of Flint. So, he decided to take the Fort with ground forces and naval prowess. What culminates is a battle to remember and surely one of the best epic battles in TV history.


4. Vikings: Siege of Paris (S3.E9)

Vikings: Siege of Paris

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Vikings is one of the best medieval TV shows of all time, and the best episode of this series came in the third season. In the 9th episode, the Norse Confederation decides to take their invasion deeper and lay a siege to Paris, the capital of Francia.

It begins at the mouth of the Seine River, and from there, the Vikings set up camp outside Paris, much to the dismay of the emperor and the habitants of the city. It culminates in a decisive Norse victory and the formation of the House of Normandy.


3. Game of Thrones: Battle of Blackwater Bay (S2.E9)

Game of Thrones: Battle of Blackwater Bay

Another Game of Thrones battle you cannot miss happens in the second season. Until this point, we’ve only heard of outstanding victories from Robb Stark, but we didn’t see any large-scale battles.

So, the wait for this episode was immense and passed with flying colors! When Tyrion is sent by his father Tywin to work as the acting Hand of the King, he also takes it upon himself to defend the city against the throne claimant Stannis Baratheon.

What ensues is a raging, bloody, and merciless battle that sees both sides suffer heavy casualties. However, it ends with a decisive victory for King’s Landing, as Stannis’ men are scatted after a wildfire attack, then routed by the arrival of Lannister Cavalry led by Tywin.


2. Band of Brothers: D-Day (S1.E2)

Band of Brothers: D-Day

Image Source: IMDb

Band of Brothers is one of the highest-rated TV shows of all time. It surrounds the story of the 101st Airborne Division and their various missions during World War II — most notably the Dooms Day Invasion of Normandy.

The episode thoroughly captures the happenings of that day as we get a first-person perspective of the infamous battle. The episode is truly remarkable, and the battle wouldn’t let you shift your eyes. Making it one of the most memorable battles in episodic television.


1. Game of Thrones: Battle of the Bastards (S6.E9)

Game of Thrones: Battle of the Bastards

Game of Thrones highest-rated episode came in the 6th season. Right after Hardhome, Jon Snow is betrayed and killed by a mutinying group of the Night’s Watch. Soon, he is brought back by the red witch and executes the conspirators.

Since the watcher on the wall’s oath ends with their death, Jon Snow is freed from his. So, he decides to go back and take his homeland/castle of Winterfell from the Boltons. Throughout the season, he gathers allies and finally launches an assault in the penultimate episode.

What follows is the bloodiest, most gruesome, and jaw-dropping battle any TV show or movie has ever seen. It has trampling men, charging cavalries, men being torn apart by arrows, brutal sword fights, etc. Making it the most memorable, epic, and unforgettable battle in the history of television.

What are the best battle scenes from TV series in your opinion? Share with us in the comments!

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