How 3D Movies Are Sharpening Our Perception

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON April 15th, 2024
How 3D Movies Are Sharpening Our Perception

The evolution of motion pictures from their primitive beginnings to today’s highly advanced technological marvels stands as one of the most remarkable stories in the world of entertainment. The earliest movies were extremely basic black-and-white films with no sound whatsoever and low production values. The technical quality of movies has undergone tremendous strides in the decades since producers first started to make movies. As 3-dimensional movies have become popular in recent years, 3D TV has also made inroads into many of our homes. Here we take a look at how 3D movies are sharpening our perception:


2D Still Dominates

Not everyone is sold on 3D movies, though. Many people still find the appeal of 3D movies mystifying as compared to traditional 2D films. If the doubters would give 3D movies a real chance, however, they would probably find themselves won over by the new technology. Watching a movie in 3D can greatly enhance your enjoyment of the film compared with the standard 2D option.


Engage Your Senses

When you view a movie in 3D or watch a television show in 3D TV, you become deeply immersed in the action in a way that 2D cannot match. The 3D technology allows you to become submerged in each twist and turn of the plot for the full duration of the movie. We have all found ourselves a bit bored and distracted while watching a standard 2D movie.

The 2D action on the screen fails to pull us into the action the way 3D does. The reason 3D works so well is that the scenery seems to surround you, fully engaging your senses. Instead of sitting back in a seat and feeling like a distant observer, with 3D, you feel as if you are interacting with the characters in the film.

At its best, 3D even allows you to feel like you are a character in the movie. There is no way 2D technology can achieve that feat.


3D In Reality

It’s no surprise that 3D movies draw us in the way they do. In our everyday lives, or the real world, everything we see, do and touch takes place in 3D. Therefore, when we watch a traditional 2D movie we feel disconnected. It does not have the rich, warm, resonant feel of life in the real world. By contrast, movies and shows in 3D do feel true to life.

When watching an action-packed thriller such as Jurassic Park in 3D, we experience every sensation in a truly visceral sense, as if we are riding a roller coaster rather than simply sitting in an easy chair dully staring at a screen.

Another outstanding 3D movie is Avatar which uses eye-popping cutting-edge technology to make viewers feel as if they are exploring a strange and exotic yet enchanting planet.

The recent Marvel releases that feature some out-of-this-world CGI, have further pushed the envelope for 3D movies.

It’s interesting to note that watching a high-quality 3D movie can enhance our perception skills, or sharpen our senses. Fans of 3D movies have discovered that the new depths of realism they experience in a well-made 3D movie translate quite well to their real-life experiences.

As 3D movies continue to grow in popularity, there is an excellent chance they will overtake old-fashioned 2D films as the dominant form of visual entertainment.

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