Do All Gangster Movies Follow The Same Pattern?

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON March 20th, 2023
Do All Gangster Movies Follow The Same Pattern?

We all see and enjoy movies. So what about gangster movies? Do you enjoy them? Most of them have the same story. So, do all gangster movies follow the same pattern? Well, let’s find out.


Unhappy Endings

Whether it is a gangster film or a television show related to crime, the entire period of the production is spent building up to the endgame, whether that be a shootout, the death of a leading character, or a huge heist, which inevitably goes off without a hitch or very badly wrong.

Something that has always intrigued me is why they always go down in deserted warehouses. Unfortunately, we as general viewers have no knowledge of how criminal gangs in the real world work, but we have to assume that these things are researched and that in some way this is reflective of reality.

You will be intrigued to know how this happens. Do the crooks look for industrial units to let or buy for the specific purpose of carrying out criminal activity? Another aspect of this that always will make you laugh is that there is usually a complete lack of anything else going on.

Often the industrial unit will have an office in it, yet seemingly be otherwise empty. Surely this doesn’t serve much of a purpose, as from what you read about most real-world criminals they all operate under a front. An empty warehouse is hardly the most subtle place, is it?



We wonder if, when people are looking for industrial units to let, they have to state their aims or why they are looking to hire the unit. Presumably, at some point, this would be checked out too, although to be honest we wouldn’t know for sure. Industrial units are a common theme in crime entertainment, whether in films, television series, or even computer games.

We recall a lot of the action in games such as “Driver” and the “Grand Theft Auto” series taking place in warehouses. Do we wonder if they started life as industrial units to let?


Common Themes

There are of course other common themes and stereotypes which run throughout various genres, however, crime is often glamorized by entertainment and made to look extremely lucrative, with a great deal of time seemingly spent in abandoned industrial units. Give me a warm office with an espresso machine every day of the week, but each to their own.

Presumably, your own reason for seeking out industrial units to let has nothing to do with any criminal desires. Whatever the reason, whether it be for storage or to use as a base for your business, industrial units for let can serve many great purposes.

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