Cricket Revolution Review

POSTED BY Nadeem Khan, UPDATED ON April 17th, 2024
Cricket Revolution Review

Released on October 29, 2009, Cricket Revolution developed by Mindstorm Studios offers some revolutionary features most prominent being LAN-based gameplay. It is the first game developed by any Pakistani Studio to grab international attention and acclaim. Along with financial success Cricket Revolution also got critically acclaimed and grabbed two awards.



  • Asia Pacific ICT Awards – Runner-up Award in the year 2009
  • Cricket Gaming Awards 2010 – Runner-up Award in the year 2010


Positive Features

  • Online PvP action
  • An in-game online community system with chat rooms, friends messengers, games search, games hosting, and spectator modes
  • Over 500 motion-captured moves, day/night lighting, varying pitch types, pitch, and ball aging
  • Unlockable deliveries and batsman knock-out injuries which are really good
  • Internet-based multiplayer play, rankings, ratings, and leaderboards
  • LAN-based multiplayer network play which is the strongest point of Cricket Revolution
  • Offline exhibition matches vs computer teams
  • Team and player customizations with different body types, faces, and styles of play
  • True field captaincy with the ability to place fielders anywhere on the field
  • Batting and bowling net practice modes
  • Massive 34 different shots divided between five-shot types
  • It brings a comprehensive list of awards and achievements to cricket games
  • No milestone achieved in Cricket Revolution goes unnoticed
  • It allows bowlers to concentrate on mind games with the batsmen instead of wrestling with the bowling controls
  • AI opponents learn quite faster from your every move
  • Some really realistic sound effects
  • Auto cancellation of useless cut scenes and easy manual cancellation of important cut scenes
  • Due to less number of cut scenes, a lot less time is wasted and most of the time is spent on ‘actually’ playing the game


Negative Aspects

  • No replay option at all
  • It’s quite difficult to learn controls as compared to other cricket games
  • Try placing 5 fielders in the backfield close to boundaries and start bouncers and the batsman gameplay will be destroyed. It could have been easily avoided, if 2 bouncers maximum in an overrule, would have been implemented in the game
  • In-Game Statistics are quite shallow and lack depth as well as any saving option
  • When bowling against a CPU batsman it magically moves to the marker position in advance which seems a bit odd
  • Direct hits happen a lot during gameplay
  • The overall Graphics and Game Models are also average if not bad
  • Only Fantasy stadiums are there which ain’t a turn-on for a cricket lover






Mindstorm Studios did hint at a sequel called Cricket Revolution 2 as early as 2009 but as of 2023, no further info about the sequel development has been released.

One Comment

  1. Rajith Gune says:

    I did enjoy the video cip of it and then played it to see how it is. Its a goodw work to begin with but I think still it has to improve in many ways as mentioned by the editors as well as following ;
    1. The special deliveries (Toe Crushers etc) are good introduction but need to be controlled, the user find it difficult to play against such deliveries. A cricket game should always consider about batting aspects more than bowling aspects. (Just like in EA Sports Cricket 2007)

    2. Graphic are of good quality but not in places that it is required actaully.

    3. Have player names and abilities similar to current international players. (If copyright issues are their, put names like what came up with EA Sports for teams other than AUS, NZ, SA and ENG)

    4. Also I would suggest the developers to play EA Sports Cricket 2007 (Which is very user friendly ) to make their new version much better.

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