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22 Sep

5 Sporting Events You Must See Live

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Sporting Events You Must See Live

If you are a true sports fan, there are certain events you must watch live before you die. Nothing can compare with the contagious excitement of die-hard fans hooting for their favourite teams. The drama and spectacle surrounding these events can be truly amazing. Most of the thrilling moments at each event can only be… Read More »

11 Feb

15 Biggest Sports Controversies of All Time

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15 Biggest Sports Controversies Of All Time

Being a sportsman or a professional athlete is not always about reflecting patriotism for your city or even country. Sometimes, such superstars make a bad choice that leads to the deterioration of not only their image but also of their sport as well. Let’s take a look at the 15 biggest sports controversies of all time involving… Read More »

26 Oct

The Rituals of the Tennis Pros

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There’s a thin line that one walks between a ritual and a superstition. Rituals are a specific sort of action taken on a regular basis, which is perceived to produce a desired result; to bring good luck, or, in the world of sports, victory. According to Wikipedia, [rituals]…” have typically involved special gestures and words, recitation… Read More »