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15 Best Monster Movies Of All Time

Best Monster Movies of All Time

Monster flicks are loved by all. In Hollywood’s century worth of history, there have been many great monster films. We thought we’d bring you some of the best monster movies of all time for this spooky season. So, let’s get started.   15. Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) Pan’s Labyrinth is one of the recent most celebrated… Read More »

15 Best Rivalry Movies Of All Time

Best Rivalry Movies of All Time

Rivalries between two characters can always make a movie more interesting to watch. Today, we’re going to honor some of the most legendary rivalries of film history. So, let’s dive in and talk about the 15 best rivalry movies of all time.   15. X-Men Film Series (2000-2006) The X-Men series started in early 2000… Read More »

15 Best Movies About Iraq War

Best Movies About Iraq War

The Iraq War was a devastating affair for all parties involved but it also was the center of many great stories. From bravery to human negligence, the Iraq War is filled with events that show both the best and worst sides of human nature. So on that note, let’s talk about the 15 best Iraq… Read More »

15 Best Treasure Hunting Movies Of All Time

Best Treasure Hunting Movies Of All Time

Treasure hunt films lead us on adventures we’re seldom able to forget. Today, we’re honoring some of the best treasure hunting movies of all time. While this list is subjective, you’ll find some widely considered best flicks here. So, let’s begin.   15. Sahara (2005) Sahara is one of the movies that you might have… Read More »

15 Best Movie Training Montages Of All Time

Best Movie Training Montages of All Time

Training montages in movies have become one of the best things about movies over the years. They pump up our blood and give us a foreboding of what to expect in the main sequences. Today, we’re going to talk about the 15 best movie training montages of all time. So, let’s get started.   15…. Read More »

15 Best Movies About The Roman Empire

15 Best Movies About The Roman Empire

Movies based on Rome have always been the jewel of Hollywood. While most of the movies about the ancient Roman Empire were made in the Golden Age of Hollywood, some movies still pop up now and then about that period in history. Today, we’re honoring the best movies about The Roman Empire, so let’s get… Read More »