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15 Movies That Rightfully Deserved An Oscar

Movies That Rightfully Deserved an Oscar

Every movie director, actor, and producer dreams of winning an Oscar. It sets the tone for their career. Hollywood is all about winning the gold trophy. There are some movies that rightfully deserved the grandest prize in the world more than others. If you love cinema and want to know the 15 movies that rightfully… Read More »

15 Best Teen TV Shows Of All Time

Best Teen TV Shows of All Time

There is just something about teen shows that make you feel alive. They are heartbreaking and comforting at the same time. Experiencing life as a teenager is not easy and that is what makes such shows worth watching. You do not need to be a teenager to revel in the drama, mistakes, heartache, and moodiness…. Read More »

15 Best Movies Set In France

15 Best Movies Set in France

Do you want to take a trip to France without actually having to travel? Then, you need to watch movies that have been set in this magnificent country. Put on the subtitles and try to learn French while you watch these movies. You might even end up mastering the French accent and learning something new… Read More »

15 Great Movies Like Harry Potter

Great Movies Like Harry Potter

Since there are just not enough Harry Potter films to keep Potterheads busy, it makes sense for them to explore more fantasy films. However, it can be quite difficult to truly satisfy them when they have such strict standards when it comes to quality and intrigue. But, we wanted to suggest some movies that cater… Read More »

15 Best Movies For Men

15 Best Movies for Men

Although gender has nothing to do when it comes to a good movie, there are a few gems that only a real man can appreciate. Whether you enjoy watching action movies, men drinking a ton of gin, chess, or anything else that involves men, you will be glad to know that there are some testosterone-filled… Read More »