5 Interesting Facts About MMORPG Gamers

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON March 23rd, 2023
Interesting Facts About MMORPG Gamers

Although most would argue that video games are a waste of time, players who participate in massively multiplayer online role-playing games develop certain abilities. Here are five of the most interesting facts about MMORPG gamers:



Obstacles presented to the player within role-playing games often require them to multitask. In popular role-playing games such as World of Warcraft, classes such as the priest require intense multitasking abilities in order to excel at their role.

A player using a priest character must watch a party member’s health points, ensuring that they do not drop low. After intense raids and hours of play, players begin to develop multi-tasking skills.


Attention to Details

Players who participate in MMORPG also are able to pay attention to details. Role-playing games usually require a good sense of detail when participating in a skirmish or any difficult event. Gamers must monitor their health bar, mana bar, and even cool-down time on their skill sets.

Monitoring these items on the user’s interface rewards a gamer with a good sense of detail and the ability to easily multitask, as mentioned previously. Attention to detail not only affects a user in-game, but it also affects them in the real world.



A common fact about gamers who enjoy massively multiplayer online role-playing games are usually introverts. However, most players are actually very social and have exceptional leadership skills. Leadership skills and communication are vital in any video game, especially role-playing games.

Party leaders must communicate with each member of the party to ensure that their team is successful during fights, bosses, or even player-versus-player matches. Party leaders often issue directions to the rest of the group, which makes MMORPG gamers exceptional leaders and communicators.


Handy-Eye Coordination

A common fact for any role gamer is that they have extraordinary hand-eye coordination skills. Gaming requires intense concentration on the screen, rather than the keyboard. With practice, a role-player will know where certain keys on the keyboard are, as well as the location of the mouse.

Players who participate in massively multiplayer online role-playing games often consider hand-eye coordination a requirement. Hand-eye coordination is also useful for players outside of games, as they are familiar with the keys on the keyboard and can type reports, emails, and web addresses with ease.



Most MMORPG players have a vast imagination and are extremely creative. Developers of RPGs fabricate extensive worlds, terrifying creatures, and intricate storylines. Fans of role-playing games enjoy learning and reading about the lore which is created by developers. In addition, most role-players are also known as some lore derived from actual events that occurred in history.

Some developers choose to center around Celtic or European lore in their role-playing games, which players often derive their knowledge from. Other developers choose to center their role-playing games around fantasy, giving players a chance to be creative and develop their own stories.

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  1. Brian Johnson says:

    I used to love playing MMORPG when i was still in high school. I actually was not really attracted to play at first. But given that many friends in my school were playing this type of game, then i have no other choice to join forces. Haha.. But i didn’t suck though. I managed to reach pretty good levels for my characters.

    Playing MMORPG was fun, not gonna lie, because its simulation aspect where we can upgrade our character’s outfits, weapons, armors, and all bunch of stuff, really make this game stand out than other regular games. And the fact that MMORPG allows us to play against or with other people especially our friends, it really makes this type of game much even awesome.

  2. BanBrother says:

    Wait, this could be said about all gamers….

    And since when do MMORPG gamers spend more time learning the lore? That would be standard RPG gamers. WoW for instance, how many people who play it know about WC2 and WC3 lore? The majority don’t.

    I think the only real good point was multi-tasking. The rest are found in many other types of games.

    • SegaKnuckles86 says:

      Right on the money. Most WoW players probably haven’t even heard of the Warcraft games. A lot of them are Midwestern American housewives bored of their miserable lives looking for a fantasy world to escape to.

    • BanBrother says:

      I only played WoW for half a year, that was too many years ago.

      Most people I knew had never played the RTS games before. I just don’t think MMO games were made for story, so it couldn’t be more incorrect (the authors assumption that they read into lore).

      RPG players yes, but as soon as you add in that MMO element, you’re dealing with a whole new crowd.

      Like comparing Skyrim to Final Fantasy.

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