MMORPGs – The Best Of The Best

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON March 16th, 2023
MMORPGs - The Best of The Best

MMORPGs, which stand for massively multiplayer online role-playing games, have become immensely popular today with a diverse population of people, particularly teens, and children. As computer technology became more capable with its processors and the screen displays became crisper and more vivid with every newly released design and model, MMORPGs have relatively risen from commonplace gaming into dynamic and well-established forms of entertainment that are extensively distant from their preceding versions.


What are MMORPGs?

Gamers have been playing for a considerable amount of years to know what MMORPGs are. While most players really don’t care about technical definitions and just outright play and finish the game, for some it is quite important and more fulfilling as a gamer at heart to know what this form of entertainment really is. MMORPGs basically refer to games that you play with thousands, if not millions, of other players through the web.

Unlike past and present PC games that only feature single-player and campaign modes, MMORPGs throw in a mix of socialization and customization. And since most MMO games pit you against other players in your particular server or world, the sense of competition emerges, something a lot of players crave for.

Some MMO games cost a small monthly fee to be able to keep playing the game, yet there are a lot of prominent games in this respective genre that are provided free of charge.


Popular MMORPGs You Should Try

Nowadays, a myriad amount of MMO games exist on the web, some better than others in terms of popularity, graphics, and capabilities. Well-recognized MMO games today include World of Warcraft, Eve Online, City of Heroes, and Second Life.

World of Warcraft or WoW is considered the most popular MMO game worldwide. Players create a character who is a member of either the Good Alliance or the Evil Horde.

They embark on an adventure playing as one of the fictional races including trolls, humans, orcs, and gnomes. Furthermore, players can customize their characters into any one of the playable classes including warrior, druid, rogue, or mage.

Eve Online, on the other hand, combines gaming with science fiction. Play your character in a futuristic galactic environment and roam endlessly through the vast universe. Eve Online delivers something fresh to the MMO genre by having only a single server or world with all of its players under one roof.

For those who want to experience how superheroes or villains feel, take an adventure in the City of Heroes. Play as one of the several classes allowed in-game from defenders, tankers, and masterminds. Customize your character’s costume from the slightest detail possible, including the belt’s color to your emblem.

Second Life is also a unique MMO game that features no ability sets or character classes and races to choose from. You can create any kind of character you wish to and build any structure or platform that you want your character to roam and explore around.

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