5 Clinically Insane Actors Of All Time

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON November 15th, 2023
Charlie Sheen Insane

A successful actor’s life in Hollywood abounds with glitz and glamour. He lives in luxury, surrounded by the finest things money can buy. Beautiful women vie for his attention, paparazzi follow him everywhere, and people scurry to fulfill his every wish. Yet sometimes this glamorous lifestyle seems to conjure up some strange side effects, turning normal, sane men into…well, men who don’t seem quite so normal and sane anymore. For instance, take the following five clinically insane actors of all time:


Charlie Sheen – The Newest Member of The Celebrities Gone Wild Club

Charlie Sheen Insane

Most of us need no reminder of the meltdown of Charlie Sheen. After starring in award-winning movies, Sheen went on to become the womanizing, booze-swigging, older brother on Two and a Half Men and cinched his place in Hollywood history.

It was his off-screen antics that made him a household name, though. That’s probably because he was a “total bitchin’ rock star from Mars,” at least according to him. This seems like a case of way too much, way too soon. Now we can just hope it’s not way too late for Charlie.


Mel Gibson – Braveheart Turned Raveheart

Mel Gibson crazy behaviour

Heartthrob Mel Gibson, star of Braveheart, all the Lethal Weapon movies, and, the most suitably named, Mad Max, has shown obvious signs of slipping over the edge of reality in recent years. It started with his arrest for drunk driving in 2006 when he ranted about Jews causing all wars and followed up with calling a female police officer “Sugar T**s”.

Next, he ended his 29-year marriage to his wife and mother of his seven children and moved in with his pregnant girlfriend. In 2010 he was accused of slapping his girlfriend around while holding their baby in her arms and a tape was released of him saying she “f***ing deserved it.”


Gary Busey Could be Certifiable

Gary Busey

Gary Busey is perhaps the only man on this list who has a legitimate excuse for his trip to the Twilight Zone.

In 1988, he was in a serious car accident that may have left him with permanent brain damage. His ride from the Academy Award-nominated actor who portrayed Buddy Holly to the poster child for celebrity bad boy gone wild has included cocaine addiction and rehab, a lawsuit for pushing a woman at an airport, a propensity for making up his own “Buseyisms,” and the craziest things in the history of The Celebrity Apprentice. Gary Busey, brain-damaged or just plain fried? You decide.


Randy Quaid and His Wacky Wife

Randy Quaid and His Wife

If you’re a fan of the National Lampoon Vacation movies, you’ll remember kooky Cousin Eddie. Well, Eddie didn’t have a thing about the real-life guy who portrayed him.

Oscar nominee, Golden Globe winner, and actor in more than 70 movies, Quaid and his wife Evi both seemed to go off the deep end, losing their home and then squatting in it after had been foreclosed. Other antics include being arrested for defacing the house and for skipping out on a $10,000 hotel bill, appearing in court wearing pink handcuffs and carrying Quaid’s Golden Globe, and living in their car.

They capped off their bizarre journey when they fled to Canada, skipped U.S. court dates, and asked for refugee status because “Hollywood Star Whackers” were trying to kill them. The United States decided they wouldn’t extradite the crazy Quaids. Mmm, imagine that.


Nicolas Cage, Nuts or Not?

Nicolas Cage is crazy

Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage, one of the highest-paid actors there has ever, is brilliant on the screen but doesn’t always seem quite so bright off it. His wild and lavish spending sprees are well known, including his purchases of a jet, a castle, 2 islands, several yachts, and more than 50 cars.

Despite his super-sized income, he’s lost four homes to foreclosure, owes the IRS millions, and has been arrested for domestic abuse and disturbing the peace.

Oh, and let’s not forget his bizarre taste in pets. He also purchased two king cobras and an octopus. He thought the octopus would help him improve his acting. Who knows what he thought the cobras would do for him?

They say money can’t buy love. It can’t buy sanity either. Did you like our list of the top clinically insane actors of all time? Let us know in the comment below!

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