15 Greatest Frontmen in Rock N Roll History

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15 Greatest Frontmen in Rock N Roll History

It was a genre that quickly spawned controversy and even regarded as anti-music during its origins. Despite all that, rock music has become one of the most exhilarating and admired genres in music history. Apart from heavy guitaring and bombastic drumming, the heart of rock music always lies in the sound of the vocalist. Take a look at fifteen of the greatest frontmen in Rock N Roll history who cemented their throne:


15. Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop

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For all the right reasons, the madman from Michigan should be at a mental asylum for his bizarre and raunchy behavior. Amazingly, Iggy Pop utilized them to his advantage and stands out as one of the most gifted and talented rock stars on the face of the Earth.

Known as the creator of punk rock, his dynamic performances gained him attention instantly. Almost always topless, Iggy never let critics get him down and strongly focused on making his music offensive since he credits it in making the crowd wild during his elaborative performances.


14. Liam Gallagher

 Liam Gallagher

A poster boy of British rock music in the late 90s, there was always something special about the lead vocalist of rock band Oasis. Unlike various frontmen of iconic rock bands, Liam Gallagher did not make sudden movements nor any sort of enthusiasm during his stage performances.

Instead, he used to hold his hands behind his back and lean towards the microphone singing with his distinctive voice – which has been occasionally compared to John Lennon of the Beatles – and still amazingly managed to get the crowd bonkers and beg for more.


13. John Bon Jovi

 John Bon Jovi

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With charisma written all over him, John Bon Jovi is one of the most exciting frontman of all time and his energetic performance intensely signified that he makes sure that people do not go disappointed after listening to him.

Maintaining dignity and at the same time keeping the in-your-face attitude he is known for as the lead vocalist of rock band Bon Jovi, the frontman was much beyond than an average musician as he matured himself and his music with the passage of time.


12. Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley

The hard rock band KISS is one of the most recognizable acts in the world not only because of their music but strongly due to the band members’ distinctive face paint and personas. Employing smoking guitars, fire breathing, blood spitting and shooting rockets, KISS might be the most unique live act of all time.

As the lead vocalist of the band, Paul Stanley is the very embodiment of what a rockstar is all about on stage. Frequently jumping and rolling on the stage while playing the guitar is not an easy task but Stanley did it like there was nothing to it; much to the excitement of the crowd.


11. Axl Rose

 Axl Rose

Image Credit: dailytelegraph.com.au

Not a stranger to controversy, Axl Rose was and still is the most unexpectedly dangerous frontman of all time. A founding member of Guns N’ Roses, his energetic live performances and nature to break lose was a vital part of his enigmatic character.

Despite ensuing riots on more than one occasion and even threatening to walk off stage, Rose still managed to have a strong following even after the breakup of the band with original members. Having a wide vocal range, it is amazing that the fifty plus frontman still manages to entertain massive crowds.


10. Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler

Known as the “Demon of Screamin”, Steven Tyler might be the purest definition of a rockstar. As the voice of the Boston-based rock band Aerosmith, Tyler always made sure that the crowd got their money’s worth while attending their concerts.

While screaming might not be incorporated in quality rock songs, Tyler used it to a great amount of advantage by making it special thanks to his wide vocal range. Using on-stage acrobatics and scarves hanging from his microphone stand, he stands out as one hell of a frontman.


9. Jim Morrison

 Jim Morrison

Regarded as one of the most prominent and iconic frontmen in the history of Rock’n Roll music, Jim Morrison heavily paved the way for hard rock in the 20th century with his band, The Doors. Died young at age 27, Morrison still influences countless musicians who have dared to dream big even today.

Representing generational gap and youth counterculture, Morrison had a unique baritone voice and is perhaps the most rebellious stage icon of his time. Known for improvising spoken poetry passages while the Doors played live, it always seemed a magical moment when the band performed.


8. Bono


Apart from known for his philanthropic and business ventures, Irish rock band U2’s lead vocalist Bono is one of the most distinguishable figures in rock and roll today. Unlike many frontmen who make a name for themselves by doing the unthinkable on stage, Bono employs decency.

Having a wide tenor vocal range that has become a symbol for his recognition, his highest vocal note is C♯5. Rocking since 1976, Bono has amazingly not lost even a single step and continues to enthrall the audience once he steps foot on stage.


7. Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne

Rock band Black Sabbath gradually became one of the hottest acts in rock and roll due to their lead vocalist Ozzy Osbourne’s lyrically dark and heavy sounds. Admitted that Osbourne is by all means not a talented singer, his frontman showmanship was noticeable since the singer was known for his unpredictability and bad boy antics.

As a matter of fact, Osbourne once bit a real and alive bat in a benefit concerts and the rockstar became even a stronger center of attention. As controversially wicked his acts on stage seemed to people, it was just another day for Osbourne.