Top 10 Largest Concerts In The World

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON September 15th, 2023
Largest Concerts in the World

Have you ever attended a populated gathering? If last time when you attended a party, concert, musical show, or gathering which was too huge that you wondered how crowded it is? Then we must tell you that it is not all an element of amusement because such gatherings are supposed to be massive and large. Moreover, you still don’t know that there have been gatherings far greater and larger than the ones you attended. Here is a list of the top ten largest concerts in the world to give you some idea about how small your gatherings have been:


10. Blockbuster RockFest (1997)

Image Source: Dallas News

Blockbuster RockFest was a music show arranged and held at Texas Motor Speedway in 1997. It had artists like Matchbox Twenty, Counting Crows, and No Doubt. The theme of the event was to celebrate capital punishment and about 385,000 people attended it.


9. Woodstock (1969)

Woodstock concert 1969

Woodstock was a pop concert that revolutionized the American music industry for the first time in 1969. Legendary artists like Janis Joplin, Santana, The Who, and Jimi Hendrix performed in it.

The audience comprised of mostly hippies (400,000) conveyed a message to the world that everyone could get together to celebrate peace and enjoy music.


8. The Rolling Stones SARS Benefit Concert (2003)

The Rolling Stones SARS Benefit Concert

Toronto SARS Benefit was a concert for a cause to fight against the SARS disease that engulfed many lives in Canada and Asia.

Rolling Stines, AC/DC, and Justin Timberlake were some of the names who performed at this concert. There were over 450,000 listeners and viewers attending this show.


7. Simon & Garfunkel – Central Park (1981)

Simon & Garfunkel at Central Park

Simon & Garfunkel was a reunion concert that displayed the reunion of the two great artists, Simon and Garfunkel, in Central Park in 1981 with about 500,000 people attending this festival. It was also telecasted on HBO later.


6. The Isle of Wight Festival (2010)

The Isle of Wight Festival

The Isle of Wight Festival was a concert consisting of The Doors, The Who, and Leonard Cohen. They outperformed in this concert and there was a big audience of more than 600,000 people.


5. Summer Jam at Watkins Glen (1973)

Summer Jam at Watkins Glen

Summer Jam is a famous leading musical group song. The Alman Brothers and Grateful Dead performed Summer Jam at Watkins Glen in a hippy concert with a crowd of more than 600,000.


4. Steve Wozniak’s Cultural Festival (1983)

Steve Wozniak’s Cultural Festival

Steve Wozniak’s was a cultural festival in 1983 that invited the performers David Bowie, Motley Crue, and U2 for the concert festival.

The sponsorship to this concert was contributed by Apple Computer’s Co-founder and about 670,000 people attended this concert.


3. Garth: Live from Central Park (1997)

Garth Brooks in Central Park

Garth: Live from Central Park was a concert of 750,000 people who were excited by a cowboy touch in the country.


2. Liberty Weekend (1986)

Concert party at New York Philharmonic in Central Park

The commemoration of Statue Liberty in 1986 was celebrated through the biggest-ever concert party at the New York Philharmonic in Central Park. The crowd population was about 800,000.


1. Rod Stewart Free Show at Copacabana Beach (1994)

Rod Stewart - Copacabana Beach

A New Year’s party was given to Rod Stewart with the largest concert crowd ever in 1994. The beautiful, eye-catching, and magnificent Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil was fully loaded with a crowd of more than 3,500,000 people singing, dancing, and rejoicing.


Why Did So Many People Attend These Concerts?

Some of these musical events were totally for entertainment and rejoicing while others were meant to help a cause. The huge numbers of people attending these gatherings make them one of the biggest possible gatherings on the globe. 

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