15 Best Real Time Tactics Games of All Time

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Best Real Time Tactics Games ever

Real Time Tactics (RTT) is a sub-genre of strategy games, and an immensely popular one too. RTT games have always kept the spotlight and at times have shown the potential to outsell real time strategy games. What makes these games so popular is the use of real world war concepts: holding the line and executing your tactical moves to outsmart the opponent with minimum resources. We today have compiled a list of 15 best real time tactics games of all time that you shouldn’t miss if you are into strategy games:


15. UFO: Aftermath (2003)

UFO: Aftermath

Very few franchises have survived so long as UFO has. Since the launch of UFO: Defense, this is the first time things have gone back to basics. There are two game modes, the strategic global view and the tactical battle view. Once the battle commences, you go into tactical mode and need to fight the aliens with the available men, with each soldier having its own skill tree.

The game allows the player to employ range of strategies and switches between turn based strategy and squad based strategy several times.


14. Age of Sail 2 (2001)

age of sail 2

Given the fact that most of the wars in the late eighteenth century were fought on both land and sea, the lack of real time naval combat games is mind boggling. One of the very few good games in this genre is Age of Sail 2. In the game you get to commandeer a vessel or an entire fleet.

Your crew consists of men with various intelligence level and their job is to fix the ship while you fight the enemy fleet and try to either sink it or force it to surrender.


13. Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight (2010)

Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight

A departure from the classic C&C formula. Tiberian Twilgiht takes away the base building and resource gathering and introduces pure real time tactics gameplay along with some role playing game elements. This means that if your units die, you can train more without penalty.

After selecting one of the two factions featured in the game, players just need to deploy a crawler and start making units in the blink of an eye (unit count is capped). The entire focus of the game lies on capturing nodes to get points and which so ever faction controls the majority of the nodes, wins the game.


12. Syndicate: American Revolt (1993)

Syndicate: American Revolt

American Revolt is an expansion pack of the original Syndicate. The game brings the quality of the original title to a further higher standard, although the difficulty level gets really increased.

You control a gang that goes around the city killing and kidnapping people, depending on the type of mission. This time around there are limited ways to complete your objective, and you need to devise optimal plans to make them work.


11. Sudden Strike 2 (2002)

 Sudden Strike 2 rtt game

Sudden Strike 2 is an excellent example of how RTT games should be made. The game offers some of the finest strategy elements you would imagine in any strategy game.

You can control ground, air and naval units for full WWII experience. But amidst all these details, the developers forgot the importance of a good user interface. The game tries to show as much of the map as possible making units very small; being RTT players, you can connect the dots now.


10. Tom Clancy’s End War (2009)

Tom Clancy’s End War strategy game

Being targeted for consoles, the gameplay has been kept relatively simple. The camera stays close to the units and you can select a number of them with a single button. To add to the ease, voice commands have been introduced which adds to the ease of play, and they work very well.

Although a good real time tactics game, but it gets its points docked on things like players inability to control how their battles go on the map and poor intelligence of the units.


9. Nexus: The Jupiter Incident (2004)

Nexus: The Jupiter Incident

It is the finest space strategy game since Homeworld 2. The game puts you in command of large spaceships which you need to use to win battles of epic proportions. The animations and graphics are superb and it literally feels like watching a Star Wars film.

Although quite similar to Homeworld, the main difference in the gameplay lies in the fact that there are no resources to gather and no units to build.


8. Battlestations: Midway (2007)

 Battlestations: Midway naval tactical combat game

Set in the late World War II era, the game takes place right along the events of Pearl Harbor. You can control battleships, fly planes and use submarines to defeat your enemy.

The multiple modes of attack along with third person view give the game an action feel apart from its tactical gameplay, satisfying the fans of both genres. With a total of 11 campaign missions (average play time of 4 ½ hours), the only thing disappointing about this game is its gameplay time.