15 Astounding Celebrity Cameos in Comics

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astounding celebrity cameos in comics

The history of comic books dates back to the ancient times when illustrated manuscripts served as tales for the upcoming generations. Modifying the art of such inscription and making them a worldwide iconography, gave birth to comic books. To further extend the worth of the eye-catching strips, creative writers began to include celebrities in the storylines of the most cherished comic book characters and superheroes. The following are fifteen of the most astounding celebrity cameos in comics:


15. Wolverine Meets Chef Chris Cosentino

Wolverine meets chef Chris Cosentino

People who believe that the MasterChef television series cannot be topped might want to reconsider once they find out that the hottest peace of culinary action occurred in one of the X-Men comic books of Marvel Comics.

When James Howlett aka Wolverine meets host of Chef vs. City, The Next Iron Chef contestant, and avid X-Men fan Chris Cosentino, they realize they have more in common than using mere razor sharped blades. As surprising as it may sound, the duo made a pretty good team as well.


14. President Richard Nixon in Watchmen Alternate Universe

President Richard Nixon in Watchmen Alternate Universe

In one of the storylines of the Watchmen’s alternative realm of Earth, the 37th United States President and one of the most notable advocates of the Republican political party Richard Nixon is seen as the president serving till 1985.

Nixon’s regime extended when the evil Comedian successfully assassinated John F. Kennedy and that was just the starting of the killing spree as the Comedian set his eyes on journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, who suffered the same fate in the hands of the deadly foe.


13. David Letterman Meets the Avengers

 David Letterman Meets Avengers

Desperate times call for desperate measures and that was exactly what Marvel Comics did when they were hiring any old loser in the alley as their writers and plot planners for various storylines. Such crucial and untimely decisions lead to one of the most outrageous cameos ever. The host of then one-year old show Late Night with David Letterman, David Letterman appeared in one of the narratives of the Avengers.

In addition to not achieving the desired sale results, what made matters worse was the fact that none of the major Avengers members appeared in the entire issue; forcing the rookie host to crack jokes with members having slight contribution to the entire team.


12. Leno Joins Forces With Spiderman

Leno Joins Spiderman

Marvel Comics’ attempt to reuse the idea of involving talk show hosts teaming up with their superheroes to battle against crime resulted in an outrageously humorous issue titled Jay Leno & Spiderman: One Night Only featuring the host of ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ , Jay Leno joining forces with the Spiderman.

While the two are shooting a commercial for General Motors which involved extreme stunts, the dysfunctional duo’s activities meet an unexpected halt due to a group of ninja assassins. The fans were in for a major surprise since many of the ninjas were defeated by then 52-year old Leno who used amazingly impressive ninja tactics of his own; surprising even Spiderman as well.


11. Ayatollah Khomeini Meets the Joker

Ayatollah Khomeini Meets Joker

In the controversial issue Batman: A Death in the Family, twisting turn of events take place when the Joker, after just killing Jason Todd (the second Robin) and his mother in a warehouse filled with explosives, meets none other than Sayyid Ruhollah Mostafavi Musavi Khomeini.

The most evil man in real life blessed the most evil man in comics with political immunity and diplomatic rights by appointing him as the ambassador of Islamic Republic of Iran; giving the Clown Prince of Crime an opportunity to unleash his laughing gas in the Pentagon during his speech amongst advocates from around the globe.


10. KISS Rocks Hard With Archie

KISS Rocks With Archie

Billed as the four-part Archie series which would bring together two pieces of Americana for the first time, CEO of Archie Comics and die-hard KISS fan Jon Goldwater made a deal with the devil when he negotiated with none other than the fire breathing Demon and bassist of the band Gene Simmons about a partnership.

The series turned out to be one of the most moving and finest peace of comics that Archie Comics have been able to produce throughout its run. Simmons himself stated the notion as ground breaking moment for anyone wanting to rock and roll all night and party every day.


9. The Clintons Attend Superman’s Funeral

 Clintons Attend Superman’s Funeral

In one of the most breath-taking storylines in comic book history, The Death of Super-Man showcased a brutal battle between the Man of Steel and Doomsday which resulted in both combatants literally gave all they had, including their own life.

After an emotional scene of Superman dying in the arms of Lois Lane, a funeral was observed for America’s greatest protector; prompting the attendance of the country’s then-president and First Lady, Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Not only that, but the couple had front seats for Super-Man’s gloomy memorial service. The Man of Steel eventually returned when Hank Henshaw (Cyborg Super-Ma) and the Eradicator used the fallen hero’s birthing matrix to recreate him.


8. Basketball Match: Charles Barkley vs. Godzilla

Charles Barkley vs. Godzilla

Dark Horse Comics shocked comic fans around the country with their outrageous one-shot comic featuring none other than the Japanese monster Godzilla and NBA’s Round Mound of Rebound Charles Barkley engaging in a basketball match in New Jersey.

For reasons beyond explanation, Barkley is the same size as the nearly 50 meter tall monster who, as weird as it may sound, seems to know every single basketball trick in the book without any training. After Barkley successfully wins the game, the veteran shows some spirit to his opponent by providing him few tips and gifting him giant pairs of Nike footwear.