Who Or What Will Be The Next Social Media King?

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON April 15th, 2024
What Will Be the Next Social Media King

When it comes to social media, Facebook reigns supreme with Twitter as a close second. But how long will these two juggernauts stay on top? If former king MySpace taught us anything, nothing would last forever. We wonder who or what will be the next social media king after Facebook meets its end. Predicting the future may be impossible but with clear Internet service, you’ll be able to keep up with all your favorite social media sites, regardless of who’s on top.



Pinterest is a social media site focusing on images instead of the usual text-based sites you normally see. It’s quickly gaining popularity, especially among female internet-goers, and is becoming increasingly popular. While many people doubt Pinterest has the ability to take over Facebook’s spot as the king of social media, it is true that many people enjoy the simpler format and image-based design.

If there is one category where Pinterest dominates Facebook and Twitter it is attractive design. Unlike the lackluster, cluttered Facebook design, the layout is a fluid web 2.0 “magazine” style that makes viewing a pleasure. If you enjoy images and like expressing yourself with them, Pinterest might be the right online social media platform for you.



Do you fancy social media as a popularity contest? Up-and-coming site Klout does and makes it fun for everyone. This unique site allows you to enter data from various sources, including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, and Instagram, then gives you a Klout score. This score tells you basically how much influence you have online, particularly in social media.

While keeping track of your popularity via an arbitrary score may not be for everyone, it is fun to check out. Also, Klout gives out prizes, known as perks, as well. The interesting thing about this is that everyone gets perks, not just those with high ratings.



If you’ve ever wished Facebook could help you do more than just keep up with friends then Foursquare may be the social media app for you. That’s right, it isn’t a site, it is an app. With this app, you can do a variety of things such as stay in touch with friends on Facebook, get directions to local stores, and events, and more, and even get special coupons and discounts as well.

All in all, Foursquare is like a simplified version of Facebook but with many more features and more functionality. While it is unknown if it can replace Facebook and Twitter it is certainly a step in an interesting direction that could represent the future of social media in general.

Thanks to the advent of mobile devices it wouldn’t be surprising if the next big thing in the social media world is a mobile app like Foursquare. These days most people are accessing the Internet via mobile devices while desktops become more specialized for business use. If this trend continues it wouldn’t be surprising to find social media migrating to become a form of media that focuses on mobile devices.

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