25 Useless Facts About Staplers

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON January 15th, 2024
20 Useless Facts About Staplers

Staplers are one of the most important office tools of the century. Before its invention, people would bind paper pages using a short ribbon. We have compiled some really interesting facts about staplers (that are utterly useless, however), have a look:

1. The first stapler machine was invented during the 1700s for King Louis XV of France.

2. Each of the staples used in the first stapler machine was handcrafted and inscribed with the royal court’s insignia.

3. George McGill took out a US patent in 1866 for a small bendable brass paper fastener making him the pioneer in the invention of staplers.

4. The first semblance to our staplers was invented by B. Jahn Manufacturing Company of Connecticut in 1905.

5. The Jahn staplers had to be hit by a mallet so that the paper would be stapled.

6. The inter-connected metal staples used in common staplers are known as the herringbone series.

7. Swingline introduced a bulkier version of the modern stapler in 1930.

8. Webster’s Dictionary of 1913 didn’t have the word stapler or staples in it.

9. Before the name Stapler, the device was called ‘Hotchkiss’ after the American company that had created it.

10. In Japan the humble stapler is still known as the ‘Hochikisu’ after the old name.

11. Some law offices in the UK and the US still fasten their wills with ribbons and wax rather than using the stapler.

12. The first magazine of staples was created in 1878.

13. The first ad for staplers came out in the American Munsey Magazine of 1901.

14. In the beginning the stapler was such an unknown feature in the office that companies would buy only one. Often 500 people had to share just one stapler among themselves.

15. The most advanced stapler is the circumferential stapler which is used by surgeons to bind bowel sections together.

16. In some surgeries, a simple surgical stapler is used to close the wounds rather than suture stitches.

17. The world’s most expensive stapler was the 1919 Remington. It sold for $760 on eBay.

18. Stapleless staplers have been in existence since 1910. These don’t use metal fasteners but rather punch a small flap of paper and weave it securely.

19. The smallest staplers can be carried around in your purse or backpack and are manufactured by Swingline.

20. The largest staplers are industrial staplers that are used in construction, leather, industrial furniture, shoemaking, etc.

21. Stapler pins have been used in arts for quite some time. Exquisite sculptures and jewelry have been made by various artists around the world.

22. A brief strike at the world’s biggest staple manufacturer in 1980 resulted in a global stapler shortage wreaking havoc in offices worldwide.

23. A record 232 staples were driven through a single sheet of paper in 2009 creating a new world record.

24. In some cultures, keeping a stapler in the pocket is considered to attract good luck.

25. Founded in 1925, Swingline created the popular top-opening stapler that every other company has been copying ever since. Despite stiff competition from manufacturers in Asia, Swingline still dominates the US when it comes to the sales of staplers. 

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  1. Jan Johansen says:

    The “herringbone series” went obsolete in 1927, when the “frozen wire” was patented. Today nobody (except me) uses the herringbone series.

    Jan Johansen

  2. Bob Ward says:

    It\’s STATIONERY. NOT STATIONARY. I liked the rest of it. Eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen.

  3. Fg says:

    You can use a few not all staplers to open a bottle of beer. There is a built in bottle opener if you know where to look it Will remove the cap.

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