Top 7 Strangest Things Made Of Wood

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON March 25th, 2023
Strangest Things Made of Wood

The world is full of bizarre things, people, and places. Although usually, you need to travel to far-flung places to witness such abnormal things sometimes strange things can be spotted even in our vicinity. Here today we have compiled a list in which we have listed some strangest things made of wood:


7. Wooden Combination Lock

You can protect all of your new wooden gadgets in a safe with a wooden combination lock.

It has been done, and we even added a video to prove it. But while it looks pretty cool, it’s far easier to break than a metal one. An intruder could also just set fire to it, provided they didn’t mind the safe contents getting a little toasty.


6. Wooden Clocks

weird wooden clocks

You may think that you’ve seen wooden watches; you may even own us. But we are talking all wood – cogs included.

Wooden watches are not a new invention; in fact, they’re a forgotten part of history. Wooden pocket watches were first made in Russia in the 19th century; the Bronnikov family were their inventors, and three generations of their family perfected the craft.

The Bronnikov’s wooden creations were completely functional, and sold for more than watches made of gold.


5. Wooden Laptop Case

strange wooden laptop case

Now, this is one for those who prefer fashion over function, as we don’t think this would be the most comfortable thing to carry. Rainer Spehl has designed a solid wood laptop case for Apple Macs, and it’s yours for only £250.

It has a magnetic closure and leather lining, and it is very stylish – but I’m not sure that I’d ever actually want to use it.


4. Wooden Mirror

wooden mirror

Now, a wooden bike is impressive, but Daniel Rozin has gone one step further and created a wooden mirror. Daniel built his first wooden mirror way back in 1999, and it’s a mechanical mirror made out of 830 square pieces of wood and 830 motors.

His aim was to explore the abstract idea of pixels.

The mirror works by the 830 cubes rotating to different shades so that they make your reflection. You wouldn’t want to do your make-up in it, but it is a fairly good representation.


3. Wooden Bike

splinterbike made of wood

Now you may be thinking that a wooden bike frame isn’t that ingenious, and it’s true that it wouldn’t be that hard to do. But have you ever tried to make an entire bike out of wood?

It seems impossible, all those moving parts – but it has been done. Admittedly the bike has no gears but it is 100% wood, even the saddle.

The Splinterbike is believed to be the first wooden bike capable of actually being ridden. But while it may be clever, in terms of practicality it’s not too high up the scale; it weighs in at a hefty 31kg, and with a wooden saddle (and no brakes) it may not be the smoothest of rides.


2. Wooden Clothes

wooden clothes

You’re probably familiar with Holland’s traditional wooden shoe, the clog, but the Dutch don’t just stop at flat footwear.

At this January’s Amsterdam Fashion Week, Winde Rienstra introduced her ‘Reflections in Facets’ collection to the runway. Included in her collection were a wooden corset, wooden skirt, wooden belt, and even a pair of wooden heels.

But sadly it won’t be coming to a shop near you; each piece is custom-made – wood isn’t the most flexible of materials.

Critics have praised her collection, calling it ‘green Haute couture’, and indeed as people become more environmentally aware, it seems that wooden designs may be on the up; fashion designer Stefanie Nieuwenhuyse recently created an entire fashion collection from plywood cut-outs.

Well, that’s one way to recycle.


1. Wooden Wallet

wooden wallet

For starters how do you fancy keeping your cash safe in a wooden wallet?

Maison Martin Margiela has created a fully functional wooden wallet, with a solid wood exterior and a tan leather lining. It even opens, thanks to a sort of corrugated wood effect.

But if you want to lay your hands on one it won’t be cheap; at £260 this designer product won’t leave you with much spare change.

So there you have it, 7 strangest things made of wood. Is there anything that couldn’t be done?

Title Image Courtesy: Flickr/Vadim Molochnikov

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