Top 5 Most Dangerous Female Criminals

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most dangerous female criminals

Most dangerous female criminals actually captured imaginations and headlines as there were people and newspapers to say ‘Damn, A women did it?” as a matter of fact, not every women mentioned in the list are inevitably the most dangerous criminals, but they happen to be exceedingly dangerous and perilous in one form or another. They have been influencing hearts and minds, run and organized criminal operations, maimed, murdered, manifested and evenvjolted a whole lot of ***.


1. A Serial Killer – Aileen Wuornos

Aileen Wuornos

When we are talking about most dangerous and precarious women, there are a few more horrifying than Aileen Wuornos, she is considered as the best US serial killer.

Wuornos story was presented in a Hollywood movie called as ‘Monster’, and she lived a life apparently made to craft a killer. The flanking point that Wuornos ever got to a break was the time when her father was convicted for raping a girl who was just 7 years of age. It was indeed a break for her as he never got a chance to even meet, and it would seem screwing up, his toddler daughter.

When she turned 4, the mother of Wuornos, abandoned her as well as her bother in the 1960s, left them to be raised by their loving grandparents.


2. Women From The Manson Family

Women From The Manson Family

in the year 1969, in the course of the power of a Svengali – just as an influence, the Charles Manson came up with five intelligent, young and attractive women turned into ferocious criminals.

Patricia “Katie” Krenwinkel, Leslie Van Houten, Susan Atkins, Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, and Sandra Good will always be recognized as the Manson Women.


3. The Drug Queen Of The Pacific – Sandra Avila Beltran

Sandra Avila Beltran

Have you ever wondered on what does it take to be a merely dangerous woman? You can take Sandra Avila Beltran as an example, combining an inclination for valance with the influence as well as power that comes essential being a beautiful and attractive woman who is working actually in a man’s area.

She has been recognized as a queen of the Pacific region as she is just the one who has been able to rise to standing in Mexico’s vicious drug trade.


4. A German Militant – Ulrike Marie Meinhof

Most Dangerous Women in History

Different activities such as bombings, bank robberies as well as the formation of militant group which is commonly called as the RAF (Red Army Faction) made this woman Meinhof one of the most dangerous criminals.

She has been alternatively known as a fold hero and a terrorist, there is actually no subject that RAF and Meinhof were outright criminals.


5. The Angel of Mercy – Anne Grigg Booth

female criminal Anne Grigg Booth

Very few people in our lives get as much close to us as a nurse could be. With disreputably profound case loads and heaps, nurses are commonly called as the groans of the entire health care field. These are the ones who deal with most of the patients and take hold of their lives. As a matter of fact, some of them get cruel here and also administer the drugs.

Nurses in history are referred to as the Angels of Mercy. Health care experts who take it upon themselves and then put a patient out of their misery, one of the best examples in this regard includes the name of Anne Grigg-Booth.

These are the names of some of the women who are believed to be the top five most dangerous female criminals.