3 Retro Gadgets That Are Back With A Vengeance

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON March 25th, 2023
Retro Gadgets That Are Back With a Vengeance

Some of today’s best-selling gadget categories affirm that there are still some old-school gadgets that people are not ready to let go of. Perhaps a good idea really does live on forever. Check out our picks of the best retro gadgets that are back with a vengeance. 


Lomography Belair X 6-12 

Lomography Belair X 6-12

You’d be hard-pressed to find many film purists in 2012, but believe it or not, they do still exist.  This elegant-looking film camera (the snakeskin style finish runs upwards of $349) has an exceedingly retro bellows mechanism. The X 6-12 also has automatic shutter speed adjustment for the photographer, 6×6, 6×8, 6×12, and panoramic aspects.

The ISO capabilities run from 50 to 1,600. It’s a medium format camera and the world’s first to shoot auto-exposed photographs on 6×12 film. The lenses are made from aspheric plastic optics in order to create the stunning crispness of the shots.


Smart Glasses From Visopix

Lomography Belair X 6-12

Smart TV brand is offering a 2-pack of these deliciously nerdy-looking 3D glasses. They’re workable with passive 3D television sets.

We like their slick, cool appearance and we’ll definitely be picking up a pair to enjoy this season’s Christmas  Blu-Ray releases such as Prometheus 3D, The Amazing Spider-Man 3D, and other big-screen spectaculars soon to be re-lived in the comfort of our front rooms.


KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer (KSM150)

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer KSM150

With the frenzy over home baking that has taken place in the last five years, retro kitchenware has become a hot commodity in itself. Home bakers have gone crazy for cute, colorful products that make the process of churning out hundreds of professional-standard cupcakes incredibly easy.

This stand mixer is definitely top-of-the-line and is available in a gorgeous cherry red color that really stirs the taste buds.

There’s something quite nostalgic about gadgets of the past. Perhaps it points towards an inclination towards the past, with memories usually being better once past the present. A retro possession combines our failure to move on from the past, with the futuristic essence of gadgets and technology. This is what makes retro gadgets such as 3D glasses so special.

Either way, the gadgets that we hold so dear to us now, can themselves probably be seen in the future as ‘retro gadgets’. This makes the word retro fluid and without permanent meaning.

Were any of these presents on your Christmas list this year? Share your favorite retro gadgets and explain why you can’t let go of these classic ideas.

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