The World’s Worst Cleaning And Sanitation Jobs

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON April 15th, 2024
The World's Worst Cleaning and Sanitation Jobs

Do you think your job is bad? Have you ever worked a cleaning job? If you have then we are sure you will have found certain requirements of the job that are less than pleasant. However, it could be worse. How? you say. Next time you have your marigolds on as you search around a toilet’s u-bend, spare a thought for the poor souls who take on the world’s worst cleaning and sanitation jobs.


Portaloo Cleaner

portaloo cleaner

If you’ve ever been to a festival or large-scale event then you will have almost certainly seen rows upon rows of these lamentable stench coffins. Lined up like gravestones in a cemetery of farts, few people stop to consider that someone has to regularly clean them.

Enter the Portaloo Cleaner. Armed with what is effectively a poo vacuum and a power hose, they also have to get in close and personal to pick up litter or peel toilet paper off the walls. Honestly.

Crap Job Score: 7/10


Sewer Worker

Worst Cleaning and Sanitation Job Sewer Worker

What happens in the sewers stays in the sewers. We are sure that’s a mantra for many sewer workers, as they brave claustrophobic conditions to wade through rats and human excrement to check the structural integrity of the sewer. With little to no ventilation and poor lighting, your sense of smell will be heightened so you can enjoy the full range of aromas.

It’s a job that someone’s got to do, but we certainly wouldn’t be taking our lunch down there with us. Remember to wash your hands.

Crap Job Score: 8/10


Restaurant Dishwasher

restaurant dishwasher

Ok, so this job doesn’t have the pleasures of splashing about in human excrement but put yourself in their place for a second. Put yourself in their place for a day because they’ll be there for most of it. Restaurant dishwashers are treated like human dishwashing machines with often ridiculously long hours for horrendous pay.

It might only be cleaning food remnants, but for sheer boredom and monotony, we feel this job takes the cake… and then has to clean the plate it came on.

Crap Job Score: 6/10


Hospital Laundry Workers

hospital laundry worker

Take a normal day when you head down to a Laundromat to do your cleaning. It’s stiflingly hot, you have bundles of stuff to clean and the clothes of everyone in there stink to high heaven. Ok, now multiply your laundry to a never-ending supply and splatter them with blood, urine, feces, sickness, and oh… why not throw in a few thousand varieties of bacteria, germs, and disease?

At this point, it begins to sound like some sort of horrific Vietnam flashback, but this is the job of hospital laundry workers.

Crap Job Score: 10/10


Crime Scene Cleaner

Crime Scene Cleaner

There’s been a triple homicide in an apartment block downtown where a group of crack addicts has shot each other up. The police are in like a shot, but once they’ve had their fill and forensics have their evidence, someone’s going to have to clean up this mess.

Enter the crime scene cleaner. Not just a case of getting the mob out, the cleaners here have to actually remove body parts (from skull fragments to teeth), clean up what can be a surprising amount of blood, and generally get the place spic and span. If you are of a nervous or fragile disposition this may not be the job for you.

Crap Job Score: 9/10

So there you have it. The 5 worst jobs in cleaning and sanitation, and possibly some candidates there for the worst job in the world. Can you think of anything worse?

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