The Best Water Parks In The World

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 26th, 2023
The Best Water Parks in the World

The best way to beat the heat during the summer months is to visit your local water park. Water parks offer their guests a chance to get their feet wet while enjoying a thrilling adventure with their friends and family. Let’s take a look at some of the best water parks in the world:


Raging Waters in San Dimas Water Park, California

Raging Waters in San Dimas Water Park California

As the largest water park in Southern California, Raging Waters is a hot spot for families looking to cool off when the California heat reaches unbearable levels. Raging Waters has three different locations in California. Their San Dimas park has a wide variety of slides and relaxing wading pools that cater to people of all ages.

The famous “DropOut“, one of the largest slides in the United States, is seven stories tall and drops its riders at speeds of up to forty miles per hour.


Water World in Denver, Colorado

Best Water Parks in America

A water park and theme park rolled into one, fun-filled experience, Water World offers its guests the chance to take in some thrills before cooling off in the water. Water World is home to two of the most unique water rides ever created. Zoomerang, a four-story slide that takes you around neck-bending twists and turns is a fun way for the adults in your group to get in some cheap thrills.

After experiencing the Zoomerang, try a wet and wild ride on The Lost River of the Pharaohs. The Lost River will take you on a whitewater adventure through a mysterious land full of cobras and mummies. For a relaxing end to your day at the water park, try the Big Top Family Fun Zone where you can let your kids burn energy by running around while you soak up the sun.


Water Country USA in Williamsburg, Virginia

Water Country USA in Williamsburg Virginia

Water Country USA is arguably one of the best water parks for families on the east coast. Begin the day by letting the kids play around in the Cow-a-Bunga playland and pool.

During the afternoon hours, you and your family can sit down for a unique show of acrobats and water athletes at the Island Quest Dive Show. Towards the end of your fun-filled water park day, take a relaxing tube ride down the Hubba-Hubba Highway which will take you to just about anywhere in the park.


Noah’s Ark in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Noahs Ark in Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin

Home to the largest water roller coaster in the United States, Noah’s Ark is for thrill seekers looking to get wet and wild all in one day. Take your chances on the Black Anaconda in the morning hours. If you’ve survived your trip on the roller coaster, take the kids to Octoexplorer, a place that lets children roam around through mazes, experience small water slides, and splash in a wave pool.

To top off your adventure-filled day, test your limits on The Point of No Return. This ride has one of the best water slides in the world that drop riders from ten stories high! While Noah’s Ark has a few water activities for the children, the water slides are no joke. Adults will find this water park filled with challenges that they’ve never experienced before – which easily makes it one of the best water parks in America and among the top water parks in the world.

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    These water parks look like so much! I love having fun in the wave pool, or drifting down the “Lazy River”. I usually avoid the larger, scarier water slide though.

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