Say No To Game Addiction

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON March 17th, 2023
Say No to Game Addiction

How will you prevent your kids from being addicted to video games? A lot of parents are having trouble limiting their children from playing online games or video games. Kids are too wise these days. They make ways to sneak out of their room and play their favorite games online. Game addiction is one of the problems of many parents nowadays. Many of their children spend a lot of hours on the computer playing games and the worst thing here is that a lot of kids skip doing their homework and are not likely to go to school. This is really a big problem that most moms are facing these days. So to help your child get rid of the possibility of getting addicted to video games, try these guidelines to help your children say no to game addiction:

  1. Set time limits for your children when it comes to playing games. Make sure that your rules are consistent and should not be bent. Let’s say, kids, are allowed to play video games for only 1 to 2 hours a day. They cannot play games anymore if they want an extension.
  2. Encouraging your kids to do sports is the best way to make them forget about playing games online, not only that they are far from addicted to computer games, but they will also develop their skills. Being active in sports can truly make a child competitive in his/her life.
  3. Letting your kids play computer games as a means of reward is a no, no. Do not make any promises like “You can play video games after you finish your homework or household chores.” This will just bend your rules. Motivating them with this kind of reward is not a good idea. If you wish them to do their work and reward them, use personal interaction with your family and friends as a reward for their performance.
  4. Paying a visit to their school is an important task to know that your child is actively doing right in his studies. Your supervision is very important to the progress of your children. If you see that he/she is not doing well in school, it is a sign that they need your assistance. Encourage them that studies come first and that playing online games is just the last option on the list.
  5. If your child is not socially active, thus, she/he always prefers to play games alone at home, it is your chance to talk to her/him. Again, encouragement is a powerful force that can help him/her boost his/her social aspect. Enrolling him/her in activity groups where a lot of kids are involved is the best way to do it. Help your child make friends by introducing him/her to her/his fellow group mates.

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  1. Brian Johnson says:

    Awesome tips here. Gotta totally agree with your tips. When i was a kid, i was so hooked to video games and spend most of day after school by playing games for many hours. video games back then when i was a kid were really addictive too actually, like Donkey Kong Country (i even want to play this game again this holiday season just to bring back my sweet memory from the past lol), Super Mario Bros and many more.

    So it’s kind of hard to resist of playing video games. But over time, i think playing games too much can be really bad for your health and your social life. Unless you play video games with your friends or your special one. That can be acceptable.

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