How To Build A Minecraft Server

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON March 19th, 2023
How to Build a Minecraft Server

If you’ve heard of the insanely popular computer game, Minecraft, then you are aware that it requires that you build your own world and then play as if you are a first or a third person in the game who now is in this new and undeveloped environment. This is often seen as a much more enjoyable experience when playing on your own dedicated Minecraft hosting server. Let’s take a deep look at how to build a Minecraft server:


Play for One or More Players?

You don’t need a server website if you play as one person, but if you desire to play with your friends or others, you need to build a server website. In order to do that, it requires that you go to the main website for Minecraft and download a file called, MinecraftServer.exe, and put it into a folder created on your laptop.

All you have to do is open this file and your Minecraft server is created. It is actually a quite simple thing to do and you shouldn’t be facing any trouble at all.


How do I Set up the Game Again?

Next, You have to figure out your external IP address. This isn’t hard, just Google something like “find my IP address” and you will see several websites that do this for you. Then, just copy it down and get ready to use it on your Minecraft website.

Then you click on the file, which is in the folder where you placed the Minecraft file. You should be asked to select a program to open it, so you can choose a notepad or a similar one to do so.

Next, you have to copy the IP address into the file and put it after the phrase “server-IP=” and then figure out if you want the monsters and other things in the game to be able to spawn. Then save the file.

After all, you have to do is click the server file and it will automatically set it up and configure it for you. You have to pick “Multiplayer,” and then put it in your IP address. Your fellow players have to do this as well. When you are setting things up, don’t forget to put in ‘25565 in the start and end port because otherwise, you won’t be able to access Minecraft World.

Oh, don’t forget to find out if your IP address is what is called a dynamic IP address. This is when your Internet provider automatically changes your IP address when you log in to help keep you more secure.

If it is this kind, you will have to disable that and sign up for a service that will keep updating your account when the IP address changes. You can sign up for one such as Free Dynamic DNS account, which you can Google to find. we prefer


Creating Your Host

The default choice in Minecraft is DNS Host A, so that is the easiest one to pick. If it shows up then you are finished! Now you can play Minecraft and have fun with all your friends.


Do I Need a Dedicated Server for Hosting my Game?

You don’t, but it’s undeniably better if you do. You could choose a dedicated server and have virtually unlimited storage space, which would be cool. Also if your laptop crashed, for instance, you wouldn’t lose all of your data and have to start building your Minecraft world all over again, which would be a pain.

You could also form a public-facing website and that would mean that other Minecraft lovers could find and join your Minecraft world and this could add ideas or features that you might not think of on your own.

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