How PC Monitoring Software Helps Safeguard Children

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON April 17th, 2024
How PC Monitoring Software Helps Safeguard Children

The internet is filled with online threats for young children but parents can help safeguard them by using PC monitoring software. While many parents may be uncomfortable with the idea of “spying” on their children, computer monitoring may be the surest way to monitor against online threats. Let’s take a look at how PC monitoring software helps safeguard children:

For the most effective PC monitoring software, look for programs with these 4 critical features:

  1. Screenshots when your child changes applications
  2. Yahoo, MSN, and Skype voice call recordings
  3. Keystroke logging
  4. MSN and Yahoo spy


Screenshots When Applications Change

It is impractical to monitor every minute of online activity which is why you need a PC monitoring app that includes a screenshot feature.  This advanced feature will automatically generate a screenshot whenever the user changes applications.

So if a child stopped working on their homework and turned on Skype, a screenshot would be generated showing the new application being opened.


Yahoo, MSN, and Skype Voice Call Recordings

Parents need to be aware that cell phones and traditional landlines are not the only means of communication that need to be monitored. Yahoo, MSN, and Skype all offer VOIP services that allow your children to use their computers as phones.

This is precisely why PC monitoring software needs to include voice call recordings so parents can discreetly listen to recorded conversations and identify potential threats.


Keystroke Logging

In today’s world, it is quite common for children to be more computer-savvy than their parents so they may be aware or suspect that their IMs and VOIPs are being monitored.  This is precisely why you need a PC monitoring application with keystroke logging that makes a record of all keystrokes.

Combined with VOIP monitoring and Yahoo spy, keystroke logging makes it virtually impossible for a child to communicate with the outside world via their computer without their knowledge.


MSN and Yahoo Spy

Chatting or sending IMs is one of the most popular forms of communication for youth today. MSN, WhatsApp, and Yahoo are two of the most popular IM or chat platforms but they are filled with online threats that prey upon innocent children.

Vigilant parents, therefore, need monitoring software that includes a spying feature that records IMs and allows parents to discreetly monitor them for potential threats.


Concluding Thoughts

In today’s modern age, monitoring software is a necessity when it comes to keeping your children safe from online threats.  Ideally, the most effective spying software includes 4 critical features, including screenshots; VOIP recording; chatting apps spy; and keystroke logging.

These four features help safeguard children by providing parents with the tools they need to monitor communication and identify potential threats.

Which PC monitoring software do you use to help safeguard your children? Let us know in the comments below!

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