Celebrities Caught Cheating Via Texting [Infographic]

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON March 17th, 2023
Celebrities Caught Cheating via Texting

Mobile technology has made numerous advances that revolutionized the fashion of communication across the world. Cell phones come with a number of capabilities, cool features, and exciting applications, that include text messaging, voice mail, and video calling services. SMS messaging is a popular service that is preferred by most individuals, especially youngsters. Texting is such a hit that it has not just caught the fancy of ordinary young people, but also that of celebrities. Let’s take a look at some celebrities caught cheating via texting:

Most people like to text than make a call, as they feel it is cheaper and a faster way of communication. More importantly, it is also less obtrusive for talking. So what makes text messaging popular among celebrities? Is it the convenience that offers them to communicate with anyone without the media glare? It does seem like that, with so many of their secrets being exposed which were hidden behind text messages.

Texting is emerging as a new way of flirting. Young individuals use digital print to fool around and many married adults are also known to involve in texting, to continue their illicit relationships.

So many people get exposed as cheats based on text message conversations they have had with their extramarital lovers. Nowadays, there is even spy software that suspicious spouses can use to investigate their partner’s phone without needing to physically look at the phone. 

Many celebrities have been caught cheating via text messaging and all those scandals were made public by the media. In spite of being in a relationship, these celebs have exchanged explicit messages to carry on with their affairs. Some even went on to send naughty images. Many scandals involving Hollywood stars, TV personalities, professional athletes, and political figures have surfaced recently.

They must have thought they could get away with their secrets, but what they ignored was the fact that digital content can leave a footprint behind. When their dark secrets were revealed, there were bitter breakups and divorces, witnessed by millions of viewers.

What the stars could lose with their involvement in affairs is not just the trust of their partners, but also their fans. When the matter leaks, their reputation suffers and the real image comes into view. Texting offers many conveniences for sure, but you cannot go behind someone’s back and get away with it. The situation gets worse with the celebs as their personal exchanges go viral on TV and the internet. Take a look at some of the well-known personalities who were caught cheating via texting.

It came as a shocker when a string of stories pertaining to world-renowned golf player Tiger woods came up. The star confessed to going out with more than a hundred women while being married. This topic garnered much ire from the public and the player had to leave golf to deal with it mentally.

Jesse James cheated on his wife Sandra Bullock with model Michelle McGee. The matter came to light when their text exchanges were revealed.

Basketball professional Tony Parker cheated on his wife Eva Longoria with Erin Barry. Reese Witherspoon ended her marriage with Ryan Phillippe after finding out about the message exchanges between her husband and Abbie Cornish. Mel Gibson had to pay the highest alimony ever in Hollywood history when Robyn Moore parted with him for cheating with Oksana Grigorieva. He later cheated on Oksana with Violet Kowal.

Check out this great infographic for more celebrities caught cheating via texting:

Celebrities Caught Cheating via Texting

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