15 Movies To Cheer You Up When Sad

Movies to Cheer You Up When Sad

Sometimes, all you need is a movie to feel better. Films offer an escape from all your troubles. When you put on an interesting flick, you get to go on an adventure, fight zombies, explore space, and test the depths of your mind. However, there are some movies that do a better job of beating… Read More »

15 Best Spiritual Movies Of All Time

Best Spiritual Movies of All Time

Anyone interested in expanding their mind is likely to be drawn to spiritual movies. There is just something about this diverse genre that makes it unique. Sometimes, we all need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. The following best spiritual movies of all time will help you get in touch… Read More »

15 Best American Civil War Movies Of All Time

Best American Civil War Movies of All Time

America’s rich history has seen many civil wars. So, it stands to reason that the entertainment industry has had many reiterations of such events. From heroic stories to tragic events, here are the 15 best American civil war movies of all time:   15. Free State Of Jones (2016) Free State Of Jones is a… Read More »

15 Best Movie Monsters Of All Time

Best Movie Monsters of All Time

Hollywood’s history is filled with great monsters that grace our screens. In honor of the spooky season, it’s only fitting that we take a look at some of our favorite monsters from various movies and franchises. But, with there being so many, it’s difficult to cram so many names into a 15-odd list. So, here… Read More »

15 Most Iconic Female Movie Roles Of The 1980s

Most Iconic Female Movie Roles of The 1980s

The ’80s gave us some of cinema’s most iconic works. Whether big-time franchises or teenage romcoms, there have been a plethora of memorable characters, including power women, that continue to inspire us today. From exemplary roles to unforgettable scenes, here are a few most iconic female movie roles of the 1980s that have lasted the… Read More »

15 Best Movies About Moving Abroad

Best Movies About Moving Abroad

If you are planning to move abroad, there are plenty of amazing movies that you can watch to get an idea about your life elsewhere. Whether you prefer an adventure-packed film or something romantic, movies about moving abroad allow you to experience traveling without having to board an airplane. Besides, the movies that we have… Read More »