15 Best Robert De Niro Movies Of All Time

15 Best Robert De Niro Movies of All Time

Robert De Niro is undoubtedly one of the greatest actors of all time. So, there’s no wonder he’s given us some iconic characters, such as a young Don Corleone and Travis Bickle. So, to commend this great actor, let’s look at the best Robert De Niro movies of all time.   15. Meet the Parents… Read More »

15 Best Jamie Foxx Movies Of All Time

15 Best Jamie Foxx Movies of All Time

Jamie Foxx is one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood. Apart from an impressive acting career that includes an Oscar win for Best Actor, he is a Grammy Award-winning musician with several hit songs and has also performed as a standup comedian. His TV show The Jamie Foxx Show is loosely based on his… Read More »

15 Most Controversial Movies Of All Time

15 Most Controversial Movies of All Time

Controversial movies are usually dubbed many names, such as misunderstood, ahead of their time, or something great for their time. However, the dispute it generates at its time of release will be affiliated with it. Today, we’ll be looking at 15 of the most controversial movies of all time. So, let’s begin. Caution: Some readers… Read More »

15 Best Action Movies Without Guns

Best Action Movies Without Guns

Action movies are usually synonymous with explosions, big gun fights, and huge car chases. But some films prove that there could be great action in a movie without any need for guns. Today, we’re looking at films with some of the best action movies without guns, so let’s begin.   15. Shadow (2018) Shadow is… Read More »

15 Best Movies Of 2023

15 Best Movies of 2023

2023 saw a blend of intense dramas, studio blockbusters, and quirky passion projects as it ushered in the first “normal” year following the pandemic. The movie industry plunged into a whole new direction of exploration with unchartered genres and plots. From the epic Barb-Oppenheimer release to new chapters for cult classics like Mission Impossible and… Read More »

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Aquaman flooded cinemas with its Mediterranean climax, making it much more than just a fish-out-of-water blockbuster. After a five-year-long wait, the first glimpse of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has been a sigh of relief for DCEU fans. But with so much stacked against the movie and never-ending controversies, there is much more to the… Read More »