6 Great Cartoons With An Educational Side

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON January 17th, 2024
Cartoons With An Educational Side

When you think about cartoons your first immediate thought is unlikely to be their relationship with education. However, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover that if you delve a little bit deeper there are many popular cartoons on television today that have educational benefits as well. There are also a lot of cool games based on these cartoons available online that provide the same educational advantages too. Read on to discover six popular cartoons with an educational side:


6. Chowder

chowder cartoon

Chowder is an unusual show and it ran from 2007 to 2010 yet can still be found on television and on the internet.

The concept of the show is a highly positive one. It showcases that you need to work hard in life to get what you want. Moreover, it may inspire some little ones to become culinary geniuses.


5. Dexter’s Laboratory

Dexter’s Laboratory

Whilst Dexter’s Laboratory may be funny and entertaining, it has one crucial educational benefit; it showcases how cool science can be.

Children can get a taste for all things enjoyable in the laboratory and this will make them excited to learn about chemistry. There are also some cool games based on Dexter’s Laboratory available on the internet as well.


4. Scooby-Doo

Educational Side of Scooby Doo

Scooby-Doo is highly educational because it helps young children to grasp the concept of problem-solving. They will need to use problem-solving extensively throughout all walks of life and thus this is highly advantageous.

It is worth thinking about how frequently one needs to use this technique during tests, especially in the likes of maths and physics. Therefore, the sooner a child gets to grips with problem-solving the better.


3. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

A lot of people overlook tasks related to household chores. However, learning about these sorts of things is probably one of the most important education. In the cartoon Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Grim has to partake in an array of difficult chores with several being related to household tasks.

This not only educates children regarding these, but it also gives them a renewed sense of appreciation for their parents.


2. The Powerpuff Girls

Educational Aspect of The Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls provides educational benefits because it showcases the immense impact of working together. When the Powerpuff Girls save the day they all use their unique qualities to do so.

This is helpful because it helps children to appreciate the art of working as a team. And, teamwork is used by all at some point in life.


1. Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry’s show is beneficial because it showcases how effective planning and thinking can be highly effective. Tom always rushes into things whereas Jerry is more calculated with his methods, and that is why Jerry always proves victorious. This is also advantageous because Tom and Jerry aid with problem-solving as well – similar to how Scooby-Doo does.

The six cartoons with an educational side mentioned in this article are highly enjoyable. Therefore, next time your little one is watching The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy you can rest assured that whilst your child is having fun they are also soaking in knowledge about household chores as well.

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