7 Craziest Alarm Clocks From Around The World

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 28th, 2024
7 Craziest Alarm Clocks From Around the World

Most people have a very tight relationship with sleep and often find it very hard to wake up on their own most mornings. Many people use traditional methods to help them rise from bed. Others take a more drastic approach and their inventions are examples of some of the craziest alarm clocks from around the world:


7. The Flying Alarm Clock

Flying Alarm Clock

For those who are very good friends with the snooze button, an inventor has created a flying alarm clock. This object functions as a normal clock until the alarm goes off. The top portion of the object that should function as a snooze button flies off and lands in a random place in a person’s room.

The only way to turn off the object is by finding that particular top piece and reconnecting it to the rest of the clock. This invention assumes that all attempts to fall back to sleep are gone since the person has to go through so much effort to reconnect the clock. By the time the person has achieved this, he/she will be too alert to fall back to sleep.


6. The Hanging Alarm Clock

Hanging Alarm Clock

A possibly more annoying invention will have to be the Sfera clock. This clock has to be attached to the ceiling and will dangle above your bed. The annoying part is how much energy it will take a person to hit the snooze button.

When the clock rings and a person hits the snooze button, the clock will wind up a little closer to the ceiling. Every attempt to hit the snooze button will force the clock closer to the ceiling, which will then force the sleeper to eventually stand up to turn off the alarm.


5. The Social Media Alarm Clock

The Social Media Alarm Clock

People who are extremely into social networking can decide to take it a bit further with the social media alarm clock. The social alarm clock sets individuals up with strangers who are willing to make a phone call to wake people up. The poor riser has to be willing to give his/her phone number to the social media alarm clock company when signing up. He/she will then have the option to set the time and the gender of the caller.

There are of course much crazier clocks for those people who have a good sense of humor. However, these crazy alarm clocks are not necessarily created to wake people up. They serve to be more entertaining than productive


4. The Rubix Cube Alarm Clock

The Rubix Cube Alarm Clock

The Rubik’s cube alarm clock is a fun and charming item, which is capable of attracting puzzle solvers. For people who like to wake up to the smell of food, there is an alarm clock that wakes the individual up to the smell and sounds of cooking bacon.

And yet another entertaining item for the “sketchy types” are usually sexually provocative clocks. A popular one that people like happens to be the pole dancer alarm clock.


3. The Rolling Alarm Clock

The Rolling Alarm Clock

More creative clocks are usually made for the average “snooze button presser”. One such cute and fun item is called the Clocky on Wheels. This item gives a person only one chance to wake up.

After the snooze button is pressed, the clock rolls away and hides in a person’s room. Similar to the flying clock, a person is forced to find the item to successfully shut the clock down.


2. The Shocking Alarm Clock

The Shocking Alarm Clock

If a person has some form of attraction to physical pain, he/she may like to purchase the Shocking Alarm clock. When the owner of the clock attempts to hit the snooze button, he/she will be zapped with a harmless bit of electricity.

The effectiveness of this item is questionable since owners can just as easily turn the clock off. This item is mostly to serve the purpose of being painfully entertaining to some.


1. The Japanese Commuter Alarm Clock

The Japanese Commuter Alarm Clock

For those that commute in Japan, if that ever becomes an option, the commuter clock wakes people up using special dials that alert sleepers of the positions of major trains. While this tool can be tested in the United States, it is pretty safe to say that it will not work but it may still alert an individual about Japanese trains.

The different examples of some of the world’s craziest alarm clocks get crazier and crazier but are there to accommodate different types of people. It is never boring in the alarm clock business since wacky new inventions are released all the time.

If you’re interested in discovering more crazy alarm clocks, simply try visiting one of the popular search engines and searching for “crazy clock”. You’ll surely find dozens of additional examples that will be good for more belly laughs!

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