6 Most Bizarre Auction Items Ever

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 27th, 2023
Most Bizarre Auction Items Ever

Auctions have always been known for the bizarre auction items that often go up for bid. Some items are odder than others, however, and deserve special mention. What follows are six of the strangest items ever put up for auction. Some were actually sold while others had the auctions pulled or otherwise interrupted. All of them are definitely weird. Enjoy our compilation of weird auction items ever:


6. An actor’s tooth

An incisor that once belonged to the actor Jonathan Frid, who played the vampire ‘Barnabas Collins’ on an old gothic horror soap opera called Dark Shadows, was put up for a charity auction at the annual Dark Shadows Festival, a gathering of fans of the series. The tooth went for $400. It eventually became a pendant that was, appropriately enough, worn on a silver chain around the winner’s throat.


5. A Suit Made of Garbage

A dress jacket and boot-cut trouser suit that was created from garbage was offered for a 2009 promotional auction when this Debenhams line was announced. The suit was made of fifty plastic bottles that had been melted down and spun into polymer fibers that later became fabric.


4. George Harrison’s Toast

Half-eaten toast stolen from the breakfast plate of the Beatles’ George Harrison went for an astonishing $2200 at a private US auction. The item was originally placed for auction with Christie’s Auction House. Since Christie’s requires any celebrity item to be authenticated, it could not be sold. Harrison refused to authenticate the item, insisting he always ate all his toast.

The event led to Paul McCartney’s children regularly stealing their father’s breakfast bread as a joke. A note would replace the missing toast stating the item was now up for auction on the Internet.


3. The World’s Largest Chee-to

Despite the claims that this legendary snack food specimen was consumed by an online personality who said it was the size of a book and tasted “not unlike Styrofoam” on the inside, the real item was just under an ounce and said to be the size of a kiwi. The uber-Chee-to was bid up to $180 before being taken offline. It was later donated to a small town as a tourist attraction.


2. A Dorito Shaped like the Pope’s Hat

If you prefer your gross cheesy snacks with a little nacho zing, there’s the Dorito shaped, well, not unlike the liturgical headdress worn by Roman Catholic bishops, cardinals, and popes. The item went for a stunning $1209. No word yet if the chip will be adopted by fast-food taco chains as a new menu item.


1. The Rubber Ducky of the Damned

Claiming his son had a combative relationship with the squeaky toy and he believed it to be haunted, the owner sold it online for $107.50.

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