20 Proven Ways For Increasing Your Facebook Fans

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON June 19th, 2023
Proven Ways for Increasing Your Facebook Fans

Building a fan page and gaining lots of fans on Facebook can be a tiring experience. This is the reason why you need to be creative enough so that you can get as many fans as possible. Here are over a dozen proven ways for increasing your Facebook fans steadily:


1. Facebook Plugins

Use Facebook social plugins in your pages and blog posts. All you need to do is make sure your website receives as much traffic as possible.


2. Invitations

Invite friends, family, and all the people on your mailing list to like your pages. This will increase the number of likes you have significantly. You can also ask your friend’s friends to like your pages too.


3. Facebook Apps

Use as many Facebook apps as possible. This increases the number of viewers on your Facebook page. You can also use other social media networking sites to help you out with the likes.



Allow users to like and comment on our pages. You should give your followers some freedom to place comments on what they think about your webpage and fan page too. This will increase your “talking about this” also.


5. Photo Tagging

Use photos to tag friends and vice versa. Whenever a person on Facebook sees a great photo, he or she would love to be associated with it, hence tag him or herself. Using this feature can help increase the number of likes on your wall significantly.


6. Facebook Ads

Use the Facebook advertisement feature. Facebook has made it possible for users to advertise their businesses to a very specific audience of interest. Use it wisely and you too can get thousands of social media followers. Remember Facebook ads cost much less than Google Ads and are really potent. You don’t need to be a keyword expert to use Facebook Ads. Just start a CPC campaign and you will do well even if you are a rookie.


7. Profile Linking

Link your Facebook page with other social sites such as Pinterest, Twitter, and Reddit. When doing this, always make sure you use the same name as you have on Facebook. You can then use the Facebook plugins to link your page with the new account.


8. Be Real

Use a personal profile. Linking your Facebook page with your personal profile can be a great way of obtaining more likes and views on Facebook and should not be overlooked. Avoid using any fake account, otherwise, you will be labeled spam in no time.


9. Facebook Badges

Use the Facebook badge on other websites. The Facebook badge is a great way of obtaining likes, as it can be linked to your website and stores.


10. Share Buttons

Allow people to share content from your web pages on Facebook. When you allow people to use the share button on your webpage, it increases visibility on the social site, hence exposing it to more likes. Facebook Like button is also very effective especially if you place it at the end of an article.


11. Don’t Be Selfish

Like other pages too. You should be generous enough and like other people’s pages too. In this way, you will create more chances of having your own pages liked.


12. Suggest to Friends

Suggest your page to friends and other people. If you think your fan page is great, then yell about it!


13. Print Media

Use print media to market your pages. Using the media sometimes works in a great way, as you can use it to reach out to as many offline people as you can.


14. Referral Button

User a referral button on other people’s pages, linking your page with the same.


15. Good Page Design

Make sure your page is attractive and thought-provoking.


16. Content is King

At the end of the day, all that matters is the content of your fan page therefore focus on a specific niche in which you have expertise. It is always wise nowadays to regularly share internet memes on your fan page no matter what your fan page is about. The CTR of memes is astronomically high and some nice memes can skyrocket your page activity!


17. Timing Matters

Share content on your page at a specific time. According to various studies, 9 am to 11 am is the best window to share content on a fan page.


18. Digg into Your Analytics

Facebook offers great insight into your fan page stats. Use it to make a plan. For example, find out the nationality of the majority of your fans and then share content related to that territory to increase engagement.


19. Contests

Run contests on your fan page from time to time and start rewarding the winners. The prize can be small but the relative buzz would be huge.


20. Sites like AddMeFast and YouLikeHits

There are various sites that allow you to get, rather than buy, Facebook fans but these networks are prone to risk as the majority of the users on these networks use fake accounts and as a result, you get fake fans. Facebook has recently started to reject fake likes, therefore we wouldn’t recommend this method but in the past, this has been a prime source for many marketers to get quick Facebook followership for their clients.    

Image Courtesy: Flickr/Andreas Ivarsson

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