19 Things We Want to See in GTA 6

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Huge Concerts

Huge Concerts

As mentioned previously, we need more activities, and having a big concert every now and then in Los Santos can be a great thing.

Apart from the fact that many players would actually like to blow the concert stage with a C4, Rockstar can also use concerts to let players commit crimes easily while the police is distracted by concert management.


Historical Events

Historical Events in gta

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Wouldn’t it be great to play the game while some great, big historical event is happening in front your eyes, like the 9/11 terrorist attacks, some presidential assassination, or a war like Gulf war where you see all the people around you panicking. Who knows?

Maybe Rockstar can even let you be the ring master of all these diabolical world schemes. There is a lot of potential for this.


Real Life Military Grade Weapon Systems

Real Life Military Grade Weapon Systems

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These days, some of the best weapons in the world are integrated within vehicles, so why not give us these vehicles in the game? Laser guided hellfire missiles in helicopters and cluster bombs in fighter jets can really help spice things up, especially if you were to bring one to a campaign mission.


Military Parades

Military Parades

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Another interesting event could be military parades every now and then. They can be used to showcase new types of weapons and military vehicles. Since this is a GTA game, we can even try to steal some of the great item.

But, if we dared to steal one, the entire military platoon can come chasing after us. Classic GTA fun.


Wire Guided Anti-Tank and Surface to Air Missiles

GTA Wire Guided Anti-Tank and Surface to Air Missiles

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Keeping with the weapons theme, why not wire guided missiles that can blow up enemy tanks? This can balance the game out so that the side that has the tank isn’t the ruling faction. Besides, it would be immense fun to blow up a building with such great firepower.

Now on top of that imagine some FIM-92 Stinger like MANPAD that a player can use to bring down a passenger or military jet!


Special Agents

Special Agents

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These guys should be incorporated to raise the adrenaline level much further. If a player gets into their wanted list, they would hunt you around until their last breadth and would possess state of the art weapons and vehicles present in the game (which in turn would tempt players to ambush them for getting top of the line weapons or their special rides like jetpacks).


More Animals, at Least 500 Types!

More animals in gta next installment

Sure animals were introduced in GTA V, so all that is left is to expand on them, and give us as many types as possible. This will allow for emersion and Rockstar can even make it so by giving players a reward if they kill 1 of each type. A city zoo would also be great!



gta drones

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In the past decade, real world drone activity has significantly gone up, and it is about time they are added to video games as well. There can be so many uses for these drones, from scouting on ahead for the players, to killing long distance foes.

They can even be sent by the police as a faster and an easier method of killing players. The possibilities are numerous.


More Possible Criminal Activities

More Criminal Activities

This aspect alone can create more re-playability than any GTA game before it. Sure we can pull of heists and do dirty business already, but imagining being able to do so many of the other crimes you have heard of? Kidnapping people, torturing them for money, hijacking planes and trains filled with people, robbing museums, breaking into prisons to free friends, smuggling animals, catching rare birds, spying on military parades etc!

The possibilities are quite endless! Besides, if there is any series that can pull off even more criminally insane activity, it is definitely the Grand Theft Auto series.
This sums up the 19 things we want to see in GTA 6. What things would you like Rockstar to add in GTA VI? Share with us a few crazy ideas in the comments section below!