Why FIFA 2013 is the Best Football Game Ever

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 24th, 2019

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The latest version of FIFA, FIFA 13, owes a lot to International Superstar Soccer. Konami’s franchise took football games to new levels and forced gaming giants EA to improve. However, Konami hasn’t been able to keep up and, although PES 2013 is a better than last year’s attempt, it is not expected to offer much resistance to FIFA 13, which is not just the best football game out this year, but the best football game of all time!


The Graphics

The FIFA has always had outstanding graphics, it’s one of the things that sets it apart from its competitors. The players move and run like genuine footballers and, although Wayne Rooney may appear to carry fewer pounds, the digital versions look just like their real-life form.

fifa 2013 gameplay

EA Sports, the team behind the game, are well known for their attention to detail and this year they have outdone themselves with all the new haircuts, celebrations, kits and stadiums added and updated.


The Gameplay

Playing FIFA is almost like watching real football. The gameplay is slick and more like real life than ever. Gone are the days of players running either forward, sideways or back, with the improved controls players can go in any direction.

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There is also great depth to the modes that you can play, with a choice of 13 of leagues from across the globe as well as a revamped manager and Be A Pro modes. The commentary is also worth a mention with some new lines added for Andy Townsend and Co. to peddle out.



FIFA is a bit expensive, however, with all the new features and tweaks you won’t need any other games to entertain yourself with, so you can just round up all your old ones and sell computer games for cash to raise some funds that way.

There is new first touch control, which will really separate the Sunday League players from the League Champions, both in terms of the players on the pitch and those behind the controls.

Load screens have also been tweaked and instead of just trying to score from one-on-one situations, which could get a bit repetitive, you now have the chance to hone your skills with different training drills.

The match engine is now looser than any of the previous incarnations of the games meaning that the gameplay in more unpredictable than ever, so you can’t just get through games using the same set moves. The artificial intelligence has also been revamped with your own teammates now making better options for you.



Of course, as the ISS showed, a game doesn’t need licenses to be great, in fact, the spoonerism names added a great deal of charm to the series. However, while decoding Roberto Larcos, Mario Balotelli, Saffidge and Belasi could be fun, the real names on FIFA make it feel like the real deal and helps to keep it above the rest in the market and puts it up there with the best soccer games ever.