Useful Ideas For Getting Rid Of Your Old Cell Phones

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON January 17th, 2024
Useful Ideas For Getting Rid of Your Old Cell Phones

The present cell phone market houses hundreds of phones, and their manufacturers seem to be coming up with at least a new model every month. These phones, undoubtedly, are becoming trendier and more functional with every new model that is launched; however, an issue most of us face when buying new ones is how to dispose of our old cell phones. You may want to keep a couple of phones with you if you receive a very large number of calls, but what if you have more than a couple of old cell phones packed in your throw-away drawer? Fortunately, there are several intuitive ways you can make use of when one of your phones becomes obsolete. Below, we highlight some very useful ideas for getting rid of your old cell phones:



This is probably the quickest way to deal with your old phones. Your phone is made of a variety of materials, and these can be used as spare parts for the formation of new products.

As a matter of fact, reusable materials in cell phones have helped save millions for cell phone manufacturers. Having your old phones recycled will also add to your effort of protecting our planet, and is clearly a better initiative than simply letting your old mobile phone rot away.



Sell Your Old Cell Phones for Cash

This option works best if you have an expensive cell phone that you cannot just take to the recycling plant. If you do an online search for websites and stores that buy old phones (regardless of the condition they are in), the result will be a list of a large number of such businesses.

Selling old mobiles on these websites is relatively easy, mostly because you do not have to visit the brick-and-mortar shop yourself. The process is fast and saves a lot of time.


Trade Your Old Mobile Phones For Newer Ones

If you are looking for how to get rid of your old mobile phones without going into much loss, here is what you can consider. Search for phone service providers to offer new phones in exchange for old phones and some cash.

This is a successful marketing technique, and you, as a customer, also profit from the deal. Most providers offer reasonable prices for these older pieces, so finding a plan that suits your needs shouldn’t be very difficult. Even smartphone giant like Apple offers such a plan.


Make a Donation

Donations to charities do not necessarily have to be in the form of cash. If you have unused old phones that you can make no use of, it is best to give them away as a donation.

Many charities accept old cell phones as donations. Try finding such a charity in your area or you can also contact some NGO in your area which can do this for you.


Sell its Parts

Another alternative for you to consider is to visit a business that deals in repairing old mobile phones. These shops need spare parts, and since buying new ones costs more, they are inclined to buy old phones with working spare parts that they can use.

This means that even if you have an obsolete cell phone that is visibly damaged on the outside but with its inside components functioning normally, you can make a fair amount of cash if you sell it to a cell phone repair shop.

Do you have anything to add to our list of the above-mentioned ideas for getting rid of your old phones? Feel free to share in the comments!

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