Top 10 Most Watched Shows Of Season 2011-2012

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON January 28th, 2024
Top 10 Most Watched Shows of Season 2011-2012

TV has become part and partial of everyone’s life today. After office hours, end, and one reaches home the first thing one has to do is to look for the remote to switch on to their favorite shows. The high-definition service from various satellite TV and cable TV has escalated the figure of subscribers. Thus, people now watch their favorite shows like never before. Many shows were there in news because of their popularity this season. People these days don’t want to miss their favorite shows and thus DVR receivers from Dish Network, Direct TV, and others are high in demand.


1. NBC Sunday Night Football

This was the most popular show this season. Though there was a slight decrease in the number of viewers on “idol’s” performance night still it made to the 1st position.

On Sunday night, this football show had an average of 20.7 million viewers which was reduced to 19.7 million on the idol’s performance night.


2. American Idol Performance Show

Though this show occupied the second spot, it was not good news for the show as it was continuously at the top spot for 8 seasons. The 11th edition of this singing competition had around 1 million viewers less than that of NBC’s Football.

As per television guru, the show witnessed this phase because of the increasing number of singing competition shows like “The Voice” and “The X Factor”.



For the third consecutive season, NCIS occupied this rank. This is the most-watched scripted series with around 19.5 million which is akin to last year’s.

Using various tactics the number of subscribers is walloping by leaps and bounds.


4. American Idol Results Show

The resulting night of this singing competition left everybody’s heart throbbing. Thus, this show attracted around 18 million viewers each week.

This also saw a fall and as usual, the blame was on plenty of singing shows coming.


5. Dancing With the Stars

The 2011’s and spring 2012 parts of this show collectively gathered around 18 million viewers. This show for the first time faced the singing competition “The Voice” in the same time slot.


6. NCIS “Los Angeles”

The spin-off of this series was the second most popular scripted series. On whole, it occupied the 6th position with an average of 16 million viewers.


7. Dancing With the Stars Results Show

The result of this series was the country’s most-watched 7th-ranking show. Battling with “The Voice” it managed an average of 16 million viewers.


8. The Big Bang Theory

Now, this is the most popular comedy-based scripted series. This show had an average of 18 percent more viewers than the last season. This show is also one of the rapidly progressing comedy series.


9. The Voice

Well, this show needs a big hand as it made its first entry in the top 10 list of series. It had an average of 15.8 million viewers weekly.


10. Two and a Half Men

The replacement of stars gave a push to the season acted and thus the show witnessed 16 percent more viewers than the last one. Surprisingly, 18-49 years old were the ones who enjoyed the show the most. There was a 30% increase in the viewers of this age group.

So, this was the list of the top 10 most-watched shows. What will be the scenario next year is really unpredictable as there are new shows hopping every now and then. So, wait for more shows to come and watch the ones belonging to your taste.

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